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Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz is one of the most influential and successful authors in the UK, he is well read and, in many areas, and works as a writer, in TV series, plays, films and journalism. He has written many titles including the popular series for teenagers – Alex Rider which has sold more than 19 million copies around the world. Horowitz also contributes to many more in addition to his career as author, he is often involved in magazines and newspapers on the areas of education, politics and travel in papers such as The Telegraph. He is also an advocate of the anti-bullying charity called Kidscape since 2008. His books are popular among the teenage age group of 9-14, which includes Stormbreaker released in 2000 which was then made into a film and released in 2006. Horowitz has arguably committed more in the Fictional Murder genre than any author in the present day and his well versed background gave him the ability to execute his stories in an original way, his other noticeable work includes Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty and TV show Midsomer Murders and Foyle’s War which has won the BAFTA award. 

Some interesting facts you may not have known: 

  • Snatchmore Hall in The Switch is based on the house where he used to live, Anthony lived with his Nanny, two cooks, a chauffeur as a child but hated it! 
  • He travelled across the Andes for research purposes on his work. 
  • Horowitz liked Adventures of Tintin books, and he even travelled to all the places in the Tintin series. 

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