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Anthony Horowitz Books

Anthony Horowitz is one of the most influential and successful writers in the UK. He specialises in murder mysteries and suspense fiction, across novels and the screen. Famous for the Alex Rider series, Horowitz has also written for multiple crime television series, including Agatha Christie’s Poirot and his own creation Foyle’s War. He has also written many novels for adults, including crime fiction and new cases for Sherlock Holmes and James Bond.

The Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

The Alex Rider series has been a phenomenal success since the first book, Stormbreaker, was published in 2000. Across twelve books and counting, the teenage spy has evaded the machinations of Scorpia, made lifelong friends and defeated deadly enemies along the way. The series sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and the books are popular among the teenage age group of 9-14.

In 2006 the first book was made into a feature film by the director of 1996’s Doctor Who. Sony Pictures Television is now making it as a TV series for Prime Video. Season 1 aired in 2020, adapting the second book Point Blanc, and Season 2’s take on Eagle Strike is forthcoming. We sell collections of Alex Rider’s missions across eleven books, as well as Alex Rider graphic novels, and you can find more spy books here,

The Power of Five is a reimagining of Pentagram, a series Horowitz started in the 1980s but never finished. Across five exciting fantasy novels, you meet five teenagers, all of whom were born as Gatekeepers. They can travel freely to any of 25 Doors, dotted all over the world, and it’s their job to keep the world safe from the return of the Old Ones. Read the whole gripping adventure in The Power of Five: The Complete Collection.

The recent resurrection of The Diamond Brothers makes it Anthony Horowitz’s longest-running series. The Falcon’s Malteser was published in 1986, and a new book called Where Seagulls Dare is coming out in 2022. Across three novels and four short stories, the world’s worst private detective Tim and his intrepid teenage brother Nick fight crooks, investigate mysterious deaths, and defy time itself by not ageing once in thirty-five years. To make sure you’re up to speed, check out this five-book Diamond Brothers collection, which is also available with five other wickedly funny novels in this Anthony Horowitz Bumper Boxset.

Anthony Horowitz was born in Middlesex, and now lives in London with his wife and two sons. He went to Rugby School in Warwickshire and the University of York. His first novel was published in 1979, and has since written over fifty books. He began writing television in 1986 with the third series of Robin of Sherwood. In addition to his career as an author, Horowitz often contributes to magazines and newspapers across subjects such as education, politics and travel. He has been an advocate of the anti-bullying charity called Kidscape since 2008. He was awarded an OBE in 2014.

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