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Book Points

To use Book Points, please use the red button on bottom right corner of your screen. 

Book Points allow you to earn points as you shop at so that you can spend these points on your future purchases.

By earning points with your orders, you will get 10% cashback on your future orders of over £10.

You can use your points to get free delivery as well!

If you refer your friend, both of you will get £5 discount when your friend makes a purchase.

All discount codes can be used on your orders of £30 or more. 

You can also earn points for actions like following us on social media and sharing our homepage link on your social profile.

Please see detailed terms & conditions below.  

Click on the icon located on the bottom right to learn how you can earn points and how you can redeem them. 




Books2Door Book Points Terms & Conditions

  • By participating and using Books2Door Book Points, you accept these Terms & Conditions.
  • Books2Door has the right to update these terms & conditions anytime including how points are earned and spent. 
  • You will need to sign up to an account or login to start earning Book Points. 
  • Please note that you will not be able to earn Book Points if you do not have an account. 
  • Book Points cannot be claimed from purchases prior to your account registration, previous purchases as a guest user or purchases completed before this Book Points programme has been launched . 
  • Please note, all accrued Book Points are to be used only on
  • Click on the rewards icon on the bottom right hand corner of this page to learn more about how to earn and spend Book Points. 
  • Birthday points can be redeemed at least 30 days after putting in birthday details
  • Your Book Points are only for consumer use and cannot be used for other monetary or transactional purposes outside of
  • Book Points cannot be transferred to other accounts and remains only within the original user’s account. 
  • Book Points are valid for individual use only and are not available for schools, wholesale or corporate customers. 
  • Customers can redeem up to a maximum of 5,000 points for order discounts (worth £50). Any customer that has a total order value of £500 or more is considered a wholesale customer and is excluded from the programme.
  • Books2Door has right to exclude any other customers from Book Points programme anytime, rendering their collected points invalid. This includes cancelling orders where a Book Points discount code was used. 
  • Book Points cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred or sold. 
  • Books2Door is not liable for any interruptions in service regarding Book Points Programme, including issues with our ecommerce platform, and the third party app that is used for this programme.
  • Books2Door also has the right to cancel this loyalty programme as a whole at any given time rendering existing points invalid. 
  • Customers can only use a single discount code at checkout. So if you redeem Book Points and get a discount code, you can not use that with another discount code.

If you have further questions about Book Points, please contact us on this page: