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The Power of Five 5 Books Collection - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Anthony Horowitz

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A crazy world and an insane past, follow this story on the war between The Gatekeepers and the terrible The Old Ones. Browse here for more books for fiction ages 9-14

Raised in foster care, Matt Freeman has always known he has unusual powers. When he's sent on a rehabilitation programme in Yorkshire, he finds himself in the midst of sinister goings-on. 

As he starts to investigate, he uncovers a terrible secret - eight guardians are protecting the world from the evil ones who were banished long ago by five children. But now devil worshippers are determined to let the evil ones back in... 

This is the complete series of bestselling author Anthony Horowitz's supernatural teen series, Power of Five. Focusing on children with special powers and featuring elements of witchcraft, these page-turners are the perfect next step for those who were hooked by Alex Rider.

The series is focussed on a group of teenagers who are all 14 turning 15, this group of people will eventually meet threatening mysterious beings which they have to fight against. These beings are called The Old Ones, these entities have ruled over the earth 10,000 years ago. The Old Ones were previously defeated by the organisation called The Gatekeepers, in present time, the once legendary Gatekeepers are now reincarnated as teenagers. The Old Ones were previously sent to another realm but they are about to make a comeback and rule over the earth again, things are looking bleak so The Gatekeepers are reincarnated as teenagers in the modern era to stop them. 

In Raven’s Gate, Matthew Freeman is a 14 year old who was living in Ipswich. A tragedy occurred when his parents drowned, Matthew blames himself for never warning his parents about this even though Matthew had previously prophesied this. Since this entire misfortune, he became a sad and angry wrongdoer going around thieving from people. One of his crimes goes completely off when his friend assaulted a security guard with a knife which was then blamed on Matthew. When Matthew was given the choice of either going to jail or to be sent to another foreign place with someone called Jayne Deverill. Matthew chose the latter, unknowingly he will be meeting a large community of terrifying witches. Matthew spends his time in this abominable place, whereby he eventually shows signs of having supernatural abilities. 

In Evil Star, a second gate is opening and this time things are bigger and more powerful, located in the country of Peru. Nexus is an organization formed to destroy The Old Ones, had sent Matthew and his lifesaver and journalist Richard Cole to find out what is happening in Peru. They arrive to stop and close the gate yet fail and The Old Ones are escaping on Earth. 

In Nightrise, Jamie and Scott Tyler are brothers who talk telepathically. The main story highlights Jamie’s mission to save his brother as he was kidnapped by the organisation Nightrise Corporation. Jamie tries to find out more by attending Silent Creek Prison to find out where his brother is located. Unfortunately, things go dreadfully wrong when he is mysteriously sent back in time 10,000 years ago when The Old Ones were actively attacking the world full force. After a tiresome war and with the help of 4 Gatekeepers they eventually win. Returning to present time, Jamie is now in complete awareness of his given skills and the foreseeable future - the return of The Old Ones. Necropolis and Oblivion continues this long and arduous war between The Gatekeepers and The Old Ones. 

Titles in this set:

  • Raven’s Gate
  • Nightrise 
  • Oblivion
  • Necropolis 
  • Evil Star