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10% cashback + £5 off when you refer us - Read more


Fiction Young Adult

In this collection of fiction books, you can find our titles for Young Adults. This group of books is voluminous and covers many types of stories such as mystery, thriller, action, adventure, classics, romance novels and many more thought-provoking books. Possible benefits young adults may gain from reading fiction is improvement of creativity in their daily lives, spur empathy for others, as reading fiction books can stimulate imagination and feelings of movement, sound, sight, taste. Other possible benefits people have found includes reducing stress that may even be more beneficial than listening to music, going for walks or playing games.

In this collection, we have the You 3 Book Collection also showing on Netflix, it is a dark, mysterious and provocative thriller. Also, make sure to browse our Netflix collection for other books which are showing on Netflix at the moment. We have Crazy Rich Asians which received fabulous ratings from the film, but many people enjoy the books even more so, this set includes 3 books: China Rich Girlfriend, Rich People Problems and Crazy Rich Asians. We have the H.G. Wells 6 Books Box Set which shows how the author was a pioneer of the science fiction genre and created a new world just from his imagination, such as illustrating new technologies, space flight and scientific discoveries and the risks behind it, Wells placed the characters at the heart so we can follow along with his intriguing stories. Here at Books2Door, we want to encourage a love of reading in all children and the youth.