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Sea Quest The Underwater Adventure Collection 24 Books Limited Edition Box Set (Series 1-6) By Adam Blade - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

SKU: B2D2518 ISBN: 9781408361122
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From the world of Beast Quest comes Sea Quest, the perfect series to get reluctant readers aged 7 and up into a book habit. This great value collection contains the first 24 books in the series. You can complete your collection with this box set containing series 7 and 8.

The Sea Quest series follows Max, a boy with special powers given to him by his friend Lia, a Merryn princess. With his dogbot Rivet by his side, he’s on a quest to find his parents, and uncover the secrets of his past. However, he must first defeat his evil uncle The Professor, who wants to take over the oceans of Nemos with his Robobeasts. 

Along the way, this unlikely group of friends encounter pirates, really killer whales, fighting sharks, and mind-control robots. Luckily, he has a wealth of gadgets to help him overcome the odds. If you’re a fan of daring escapes and original adventures, don’t miss out on this unique series, you’ll regret it!

Who is it for?
Sea Quest is perfect for readers aged 7 and up who want to get stuck into some addictive and thrilling books, or may have had trouble finding the stories that they click with. There are many books in the series, which is always a hit with children who like to stick to a pattern with their reading, or like following the continuity of an extended series. It’s perfect for readers who like building a collection, and are only satisfied by the most extraordinary of tales.

Each novel has its own exciting story, but is also one part of a four-book storyline, and each quartet contributes to the ongoing saga. This bountiful box set contains the first six quartets of the series - that’s twenty-four books! After you buy this collection, it’ll be a while before you run out of reading.

If you’re after more books like Sea Quest, your first stop is the Beast Quest series. We have box sets of series 1 to 3, series 4 to 6, series 7 to 10, and a bumper collection of the first six series. You can also check out our other fantasy and science fiction books for more great novels at great prices.

About the author
Adam Blade is the collective name for the group of authors behind the Beast Quest, Sea Quest, and Team Hero series. The Guardian has called their books ‘publishing genius… Narnia meets Pokémon via Potter.’ According to The Bookseller, Adam Blade’s books are among the most borrowed in libraries. Fans love the Adam Blade books, sharing the stories with their friends, and collecting the entire series.

Books in this set:

Series 1: Sea Quest

  1. Cephalox the Cyber Squid
  2. Silda the Electric Eel
  3. Manak the Silent Predator
  4. Kraya the Blood Shark

Series 2: The Cavern of Ghosts

  1. Shredder the Spider Droid
  2. Stinger the Sea Phantom
  3. Crusher the Creeping Terror
  4. Mangler the Dark Menace

Series 3: The Pride of Blackheart

  1. Tetrax the Swamp Crocodile
  2. Nephro the Ice Lobster
  3. Finaria the Savage Sea Snake
  4. Chakrol the Ocean Hammer

Series 4: The Lost Lagoon

  1. Rekkar the Screeching Orca
  2. Tragg the Ice Bear
  3. Horvos the Horror Bird
  4. Gubbix the Poison Fish

Series 5: The Chaos Quadrant

  1. Sythid the Spider Crab
  2. Brux the Tusked Terror
  3. Venor the Sea Scorpion
  4. Monoth the Spiked Destroyer

Series 6: Master of Aquora

  1. Fliktor the Deadly Conqueror
  2. Tengal the Savage Shark
  3. Kull the Cave Crawler
  4. Gulak the Gulper Eel

From the publisher
The sensational new sci-fi series from the creator of 'Beast Quest'!

Series 1: Deep in the water lurks a new breed of Beast: a dire evil which swims beneath the seas of the planet Nemos. Max has always wondered what lies under the floating city of Aquora, in the dark depths of the ocean that lap its shores. And when a mysterious sea monster snatches his dad, it's time for Max to find out!

Series 2: We reckon – whisper it! – that this series might be even more awesome than Beast Quest. After all, it has super-cool gadgets, the Beasts are robotic and it all happens in space! Join Max as he wages war beneath the waves, facing marine monsters and mutants who threaten his planet. Will he ever defeat the terrible Robobeasts?

Series 3: Imagine: not just an outer space war – but an outer space war fought underwater. Mutant marine monsters are attacking the watery planet of Nemos. Our young hero, Max, is fighting back. He’s smart, plucky and equipped with great gadgets. But now wicked pirate Cora Blackheart has banded up with the Professor and his evil Robobeasts…

Series 4: In this fourth Sea Quest series – ‘The Lost Lagoon’ – Max and Lia are trapped on a doomed sea from which legend says there is no escape. And they’ve got unwanted company. Like: a killer whale with machine guns in its massive jaws. Plus a deadly eagle with flamethrowers on its wings. We wouldn’t bet on Max and Lia to survive – except that our heroes always do!

Series 5: No rest: a new Quest! Get your wetsuit ready: this is no place for landlubbers. Pirates. Treasure maps. RoboBeasts. The planet needs saving. As usual. The dread pirate Red Eye is stealing precious Merryn treasures. But he’s not only driven by greed. Red Eye has a bigger (and much more evil) plan. Oh dear. Max and Lia must stop him. What does that mean? Can you guess? Killer robots. Terrible weapons. Insane missions. Deadly battles. Yup: all those thrilling reasons why you love Sea Quest.

Series 6: Hate RoboBeasts? What if you became one? Max and Lia face a slave army and a shark who makes Jaws look pretty. In the city of Aquora, a plague of tiny robots has infested human minds. People are turning into brainwashed slaves. But it’s no good hiding in the water… Terrible metal monsters are lurking under the sea. Including Tengal, a shark you really don’t want to tangle with! Can Max and Lia find out who is behind this plot? And can their new ally, the Professor, be trusted?