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Beast Quest The Battle Collection Series 4, 5 and 6 - 18 Books Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Adam Blade

SKU: B2D2569 ISBN: 9781408361177
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The action-packed Beast Quest world has returned! Beast Quest: The Battle Collection contains all the books from Series 4, 5, and 6 of this series everyone’s raving about - that’s eighteen books in total! Get in line for the fantasy series The Guardian has called ‘publishing genius… Narnia meets Pokémon via Potter.’ 

If you’re not up to speed with the series, we also stock Beast Quest: The Hero Collection, containing Series 1-3 and a bumper collection of Series 1-6. For the following chapters, there’s our set of Series 7-10. You can also check out the Sea Quest series from the same author, The Last Kids On Earth, and our entire range of fantasy books

Where are we in the series?

With series one, two and three already done and dusted, it’s time for young readers to move on to this epic next step in the Beast Quest series as the next book of choice on their reading list. A popular choice for both parents and children, they will find not just one but three series bundled together at a bargain price in this action-packed set - the Beast Quest never has to end.

The series is best for readers between the ages of 7-9. These kids’ fiction books provide plenty of mystery, fantasy and, of course, fearsome beasts. Young readers can put their imagination to the test as they work their way through the 18 books in this collection that will add to their reading library and help them one step closer to completing the Beast Quest series of kids fiction books.

The stories continue with Tom and Elenna with one discovery, journey and challenge after another. The books occur in a world called Avantia, where the clever pair attempts to restore peace to the land by stopping beasts from causing destruction.

Beast Quest: The Battle Collection will have children gripped from end to end. From forest fires to exploring castles and even encounters with ghosts, there is a level of maturity to these books that budding young readers will truly appreciate.

Of course, Tom and Elenna are faced with fearsome beasts and continue to fight evil through series 4, 5 and 6 of the bestselling series. Readers will already be familiar with the overall plot and excited to see what’s next in store – not to mention hooked - so this set is bound to be a winner. 


What are the benefits for beginning readers?

This bestselling series of children’s fantasy and adventure books provide a thrilling read while exposing children to new vocabulary and a chance to read a more sophisticated fiction choice. Parents are big fans of the Beast Quest books because they remain effortless to read, with impressive illustrations inside to break up the text. These books are perfect for early readers looking for a quick adventure story, with plenty more in the wider Beast Quest series of fiction books for kids.

The Beast Quest series is filled with settings and situations that keep children engaged throughout each book. Whether it’s a forest fire, finding a mysterious land or meeting an evil wizard – there is no challenge that this duo can’t face. They become heroes in their own right as they even end up rescuing a prince. But nothing is ever as it seems. ]

Readers will enjoy following Tom and Elenna as their battles and adventures continue in the Beast Quest series, as they investigate and defeat their way through an epic 18 books. If your 7-9-year-old is looking for their next book obsession, the Beast Quest series tops our list as a recommended read. There are a phenomenal number of books in the series, so you’ll never run out of exciting fantasy adventures.

Titles in the set

Series 4:

  1. Nixa The Death Bringer
  2. Equinus The Spirit Horse
  3. Rashouk The Cave Troll
  4. Luna The Moon Wolf
  5. Blaze The Ice Dragon
  6. Stealth The Ghost Panther

Series 5:

  1. Krabb Master of the Sea
  2. Hawkite Arrow of the Air
  3. Rokk The Walking Mountain
  4. Koldo The Arctic Warrior
  5. Trema The Earth Lord
  6. Amictus The Bug Queen

Series 6:

  1. Komodo The Lizard King
  2. Muro The Rat Monster
  3. Fang The Bat Fiend
  4. Murk The Swamp Man
  5. Terra Curse Of The Forest
  6. Vespick The Wasp Queen

From the publisher

Gripping adventure from the smash-hit series that everyone’s gone wild for. The ultimate books from the ultimate fantasy quest! Suitable for confident readers aged 6 and up.

Series 4: It seems that peace will never come to Avantia. Evil is always at its throat. Finally, Taladon the Swift has returned – but to Tom’s horror, his father is a ghost! To save his father, Tom must battle six Ghost Beasts and collect the lost pieces of the shattered Amulet of Avantia. Now Tom’s quest is tougher, darker and more dangerous than ever. Will he ever defeat so many Beasts?

Series 5: In the realm of Gwildor, the Mistress of the Beasts is under a wicked curse, and her ferocious Beasts are destroying the land. To release her, Tom must defeat the Beasts that guard the pieces of her crown. Like a true hero, he has vowed to help. But rescuing the scattered fragments of the crown will take Tom to the darkest depths of deadly danger. Is this a mission that he will not return from?

Series 6: To find the magical ingredients that will save his mother’s life, how many vicious Beasts must Tom subdue? Tom’s ailing mother has been captured by Wizard Velmal’s fiendish sorcery, and only a special potion can save her. But each ingredient is guarded by one of the terrifying Beasts of Kayonia, whom Tom must now defeat. Six dreadful creatures who can conjure death at any moment, from Muro the vile Rat Monster, who commands vermin to do his bidding, to Terra, the curse of the forest, lurking between the trees…

Beast Quest is the bestselling series of children’s fantasy novels, with over 18 million copies sold to date. Over 120 titles have been published, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017.