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Beast Quest The Battle Collection Series 4, 5 and 6 - 18 Books Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Adam Blade

by Orchard
SKU: B2D2569 ISBN: 9781408361177
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The action-packed Beast Quest world has returned with the new addition of series 4,5,6! Nixa The Death Bringer and Taladon the Swift has returned! Tom is now on his quest to battle those scary Ghost Beasts and collect pieces of the shattered Amulet of Avantia. Spirit Horse Equinus crashes through the forests of the Forbbiden Land, stealing all of the life force of other creatures! But, watch out for the dangerous Ghost-Beast, he smells out his victims’ fear and turns them into stone! This latest series to the Beast Quest franchise is full of twists and turns seeing your favourite hero Tom take on some testing challenges, but is he ready for the journey ahead?

This hugely popular book series was created by Adam Blade in his late twenties after growing up in his family home in Kent. He was inspired by the sword and shield heirloom which was hung in his fathers office and had spent hours as a young boy imagining who would have been the first person to wield the weapons and use them in battle. This imagination of his evolved into the lead character Tom - a young boy who dreamt of becoming a hero his whole life. Tom stumbles across a key which leads him to the wizard Aduro who gives young Tom the quest to defeat and free the Beasts of Avantia. Due to the gargantuan sales of the Beast Quest Novel series, it was later developed into a Fantasy RPG video-game which is available on Playstation since 2018 and was widely popular amongst gamers.

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 Titles in Set

Beast Quest series 4

  • Beast QuestNixa (No. 19)
  • Beast Quest Equinus(No. 20)
  • Beast Quest Rashouk(No. 21)
  • Beast Quest Luna(No.22)
  • Beast Quest Blaze(No. 23)
  • Beast QuestStealth (No. 24)

 Titles in Set

Beast Quest Series 5

  • (KRABB) Master of the Sea
  • (HAWKITE) Arrow of the Air
  • (ROKK) The Walking Mountain
  • (KOLDO) The Arctic Warrior
  • (TREMA) The Earth Lord
  • (AMICTUS) The Bug Queen

 Titles in Set

Beast Quest Series 6 

  • Vespick The Wasp Queen
  • Terra Curse Of The Forest
  • Murk The Swamp Man
  • Fang The Bat Fiend
  • Muro The Rat Monster
  • Komodo The Lizard King

A beast of a book pack from the action series that everyone's going wild for! The ultimate books from the ultimate fantasy quest! It seems that peace will never come to Avantia. Evil is always at its throat.