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Beast Quest Series 1 To 6 - 36 Books - Fantasy Fiction - Paperback - Adam Blade

SKU: B2D2566-B2D2569 ISBN: 9789123888016
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The Beast Quest books had continually been a popular franchise among our bestsellers and had always been a popular series for readers. The Beast Quest series is described as a fantasy or adventure type of story with a horror element, aimed for kids. The huge series is written by numerous authors but all under the pseudonym Adam Blade. Adam Blade, was originally a team of editorials called the Working Partners, the team had created the atmosphere and storyline of each book then the team proceeded to scouting out suitable writers which fits the tone of voice. 

This great selection of books is just perfect for Halloween and is great for readers ages 9-14. The original series had in fact released and published 130 books from its release until 2019. More than 18 million copies have been sold thus far. This amazing bestselling series was published by Orchard Books, in the UK. The original target audience was young boys of ages 7 and older, the tone of language is simple, direct and easy to comprehend. The style is unique and aimed to get readers engaged into an adventure series whilst capturing a young audience with original story telling. The Beast Quest series is one of the most requested books in many libraries and this series has a companion, a science fiction counterpart called the Sea Quest. Fans of Pokémon, Narnia or Harry Potter may be interested in the Beast Quest as fans had sometimes described that there are elements of similarities. The Beasts that are included within each story comes in different sizes, shapes, colours and various abilities and characteristics! Some have wings, some can breathe fire, some can climb walls, some release toxic gas, some can squirt powerful ink and some can claw down houses. The wide selection of monsters and stories will surely keep readers going from book to book, looking forward for that next insane storyline.

Beast Quest Pack Series 1: 6 Books

  • Arcta the Mountain Giant
  • Epos the Flame Bird
  • Ferno the Fire Dragon
  • Nanook the Snow Monster
  • Sepron the Sea Serpent
  • Tagus the Horse-Man

Beast Quest Pack Series 2: 6 Books

  • Zepha the Monster Squid
  • Claw the Giant Monkey
  • Soltra the Stone Charmer
  • Vipero the Snake Man
  • Arachnid the King of Spiders
  • Trillion the Three-headed Lion

Beast Quest Pack Series 3: 6 Books

  • Torgor the Minotaur
  • Skor the Winged Stallion
  • Narga the Sea Monster
  • Tusk the Mighty Mammoth
  • Kaymon the Gorgon Hound
  • Sting the Scorpion Man

Beast Quest Pack Series 4: 6 Books

  • Blaze The Ice Dragon
  • Equinus The Spirit Horse
  • Luna The Moon Wolf
  • Nixa The Death Bringer
  • Rashouk The Cave Troll
  • Stealth The Ghost Panther

Beast Quest Pack Series 5: 6 Books

  • Krabb Master of the Sea
  • Hawkite Arrow of the Air
  • Rokk The Walking Mountain
  • Koldo The Arctic Warrior
  • Trema The Earth Lord
  • Amictus The Bug Queen

Beast Quest Pack Series 6: 6 Books

  • Komodo The Lizard King
  • Muro The Rat Monster
  • Fang The Bat Fiend
  • Murk The Swamp Man
  • Terra Curse Of The Forest
  • Vespick The Wasp Queen

Beast Quest is the bestselling series of children's fantasy novels, with over 18 million copies sold to date. Over 120 titles have been published with Hachette Children's Books (UK), celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017.

Aimed at 7-10 year olds these books have become a firm favourite with readers of this age, teachers and parents alike.