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The Mysterious Benedict Society Complete Series 5 Books Collection by Trenton Lee Stewart - Age 9-14 - Paperback

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The Mysterious Benedict Society: The Complete Series is perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket looking for a new series to set their puzzling minds upon. It follows a small group of children who must overcome the machinations of a devious enemy that looks just like their mysterious protector. The books were written and created by Trenton Lee Stewart, and are now a hit TV series streaming on Disney+. 

The series follows four young children, either orphaned or disowned by their parents. All of them have their particular talent.

  • Reynie can solve any problem, is great at logical deduction, and you’ll rarely find someone better at perceiving emotions.
  • Sticky has an unparalleled memory and can read like greased lightning
  • “The Great Kate Weather Machine” has put together a red bucket filled with everything that could come in handy, from an army knife to a bag of marbles
  • Constance Contraire is a peerless poet - as long as you’re not on the wrong side of her cutting creations

They have been recruited by Nicholas Benedict to investigate the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, run by his identical twin brother Ledroptha Curtain. Both of them suffer from narcolepsy, which is triggered by strong emotions. Benedict falls asleep after a good laugh, but Ledroptha nods off after getting angry.

The Mysterious Benedict Society: The Complete Series contains the thrilling original trilogy, the extraordinary prequel, and the newest instalment in the series. All five paperback books come ensconced in a promotional wraparound sheet.

If you’re after more mysteries, make sure you’ve read A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. The Baudelaire orphans are well worth investigating across their unlucky thirteen-part series. Also, don’t miss out on the A Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens. This set of Agatha Christie-like boarding school mysteries comes from one of our top-selling authors.

About the author

Trenton Lee Stewart was born in 1970, and grew up in Arkansas, where he still lives. He’s most famous for The Mysterious Benedict Society (2007), which has been adapted into a series on Disney+. He originally wrote the book for fun while he was working in a Cincinnati library. He developed his characters by observing his own two sons. He has since written three sequels and a prequel.

After graduating from Hendrix College in 1992 with a degree in English, Stewart took a number of jobs in order to support his writing career, such as night clerk and caretaker. His short stories have been published in a variety of literary magazines, as well as The 2004 Best American Short Stories. His first novel, Flood Summer, was published in 2005. He has been a visiting professor at the Miami University of Ohio.


"I enjoyed it very much -- great cast of characters, lots of cool puzzles and mysteries. The book made me feel nostalgic, because it reminded me of some of the better children’s books I grew up with, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Phantom Tollbooth." - Rick Riordan, The Percy Jackson series

“Low in physical violence, while being rich in moral and ethical issues, as well as in appealingly complex characters and comedy sly and gross, this Lemony Snicket–style outing sprouts hooks for hearts and minds both.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Peril abounds, but so does friendship, truth, laughter, and courage. He has not only created a deeply interesting story but has also presented readers with a fascinating, endearing set of characters.” - Sarah Schutte, National Review

Titles in this set

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of the Ages

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

From the publisher

The Mysterious Benedict Society

When a peculiar advertisement appears in the newspaper for children to take part in a secret mission, children everywhere sit a series of mysterious tests. In the end, just four children succeed: Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance. They have three things in common: they are all honest, all remarkably talented and all orphans. They must go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened where the only rule is that there are no rules. There they must work as a team to save not only themselves, but also the world outside the walls.

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey

It should have been a celebration party, but now it's another mind-bending mission for the children of the Mysterious Benedict Society. Join Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance, as they race across the globe by train, bicycle and ship to save their beloved Mr Benedict. It's a perilous journey that will test all their unusual talents ...

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance are back - but so is Mr Curtain, with another devious scheme! Can the Mysterious Benedict Society thwart Mr Curtain's plans, even whilst held prisoner? Join them on their adventure as they face all sorts of dilemmas, in a bid to save Stone town. The third book in the New York Times bestselling series

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of the Ages

After starring in three adventures, the inimitable quartet of Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance haven't had a mission together in some time. But with the arrival of a new Society member - and a new threat - they must reunite to face dilemmas more dangerous than ever before, including the return of the villainous Mr Curtain and his Ten Men and a formidable enemy with a mystifying ability to track their every move.

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

Before there was a Mysterious Benedict Society there was simply a nine-year-old orphan named Nicholas Benedict. When Nicholas is sent to a new orphanage, he encounters vicious bullies, selfish adults - and a mystery that could change his life for ever. On his quest to solve the mystery, Nicholas finds enemies around every corner, but also friends in unexpected places - and discovers along the way that the greatest puzzle of all is himself.