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The Maze Runner Series 5 Books Set - Young Adult - Paperback - James Dashner

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Gripping, compelling and page-turning. The Maze Runner, Series 5 Boxset is a must-have for literacy thrill-seekers on the hunt for something brand new, and is right up there for being known as utterly binge worthy. Prepare to be fully immersed in this dystopian science fiction adventure with a complete book-set that contains three main books of the series and the two prequels so there is no danger of not knowing what happened next. Ideal for young adult readers seeking sophistication and suspense in their next read, this is an epic addition to bookshelves galore. For even more inspiration when it comes to must-have books, browse our bestseller and fiction category for even more gripping titles.

The Maze Runner, what can only be described as the start of a phenomenal series, is written by James Dashner. There’s no surprise it went on to become a #1 New York Times Bestseller and the pulse-pounding multimillion-selling adventure series is now a major motion picture. This series is in the science fiction genre and the first book was published on October 7, 2009 and this was made into a motion picture in 2014 where its popularity sky-rocketed. In this gripping collection of five books, readers will encounter several unique characters which are trapped in a Maze with no prior memories or recollection of how they arrived. There is a constant unravelling of events that keeps readers entertained from start to finish. The Maze Runner, Series 5 Boxset is a tough one to put down!

The Glade is a huge area which is caved in by massive walls of 4 miles high, and made in concrete. It’s the centre of the story and has immense importance. Inside the Maze is a massive puzzle, covered in ivy and inside are atrocious metal creatures called Grievers that are roaming the hallways hunting for people. 

Thomas is the character we follow in the story, taking centre-stage of the plot. He enters the Glade, he is shocked and clueless of why he is there. The only memory he can recall is his name. He is a 16 year old boy nicknamed Greenie which is given to new arrivals. As he explores the new and terrifying place, he runs into another main protagonist Minho who’s the Keeper of the Runners. Thomas becomes close friends with Minho and is able to work together to try and reach the end of the Maze to escape. 

Minho is one of the protagonists who leads the others to navigate and direct people of the ins and outs of the Maze. Minho has arrived at the Maze before Thomas and is an experienced Runner, as a Runner he has developed incredible fitness and muscles which proves supportive for his allies and team. His personality is portrayed as a fun humorous guy and often talks sarcastically. 

Teresa is the last person to enter the Glade, what was peculiar about her was she entered in a coma state, and she has the mysterious power to communicate telepathically with Thomas which helped him fight Grievers later in the story. 

This set contains: 

The Maze Runner

When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. Like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they came to be there - or what's happened to the world outside. All they know is that every morning when the walls slide back, they will risk everything - even the Grievers, half-machine, half-animal horror that patrols its corridors, to try and find out.

The Scorch Trials

Thomas was sure that escape from the maze meant he and the Gladers would get their lives back. But no one knew what sort of life they were going back to. The earth is a wasteland. Government and order have disintegrated and now Cranks, people are driven to murderous insanity by the infectious disease known as the Flare, roam the crumbling cities hunting for their next victim\.and meal. Thomas can only wonder - does he hold the secret of freedom somewhere on his mind? Or will he forever be at the mercy of WICKED? The pulse-pounding sequel to The Maze Runner.

The Death Cure

The Trials are over. WICKED have collected all the information they can. Now it's up to the Gladers to complete the blueprint for the cure to the Flare with a final voluntary test. But something has happened that no-one at WICKED has foreseen: Thomas has remembered more than they think. And he knows WICKED can't be trusted ... The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. With the Gladers divided, can they all make it!

The Kill Order

When sun flares hit the Earth, intense heat, toxic radiation and flooding followed, wiping out much of the human race. Those who survived live in basic communities in the mountains, hunting for food. For Mark and his friends, surviving is difficult, and then an enemy arrives, infecting people with a highly contagious virus. Thousands die, and the virus is spreading. Worse, it's mutating, and people are going crazy. It's up to Mark and his friends to find the enemy \- and a cure \- before the Flare infects them all.

The Fever Code

The world has ended: the earth is scorched, and fever rages through the population. Out of the chaos, a boy emerges with the power to change everything: Thomas. This is the start of his story. An electrifying Maze Runner prequel, The Fever Code holds all the answers: How did WICKED find the Gladers? Who is Group B? Whose side are Thomas and Teresa really on? Lies will be exposed. Secrets uncovered. Loyalties are proven. You'll never see the truth coming ...

Dare to explore the maze and it's mysteries.