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Mr Men & Little Miss Books

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    Mr. Men & Little Miss Adventures by Roger Hargreaves 12 Books Collection Box Set - Ages 3+ - Paperback

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    Titles In This Set :1. Mr. Men Adventure with Monsters2. Mr. Men Adventure In The Ice Age3. Mr. Men Adventure with Dinosaurs4. Mr. Men Adventure i...

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    Original price £47.88
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    Mr Men Christmas Collection by Roger Hargreaves 14 Books Set - Ages 0-5 - Paperback

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    The Mr Men Christmas Collection is a delightful set of six Christmas-themed books created by author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves. The books fea...

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Mr Men was created by Roger Hargreaves in 1971 and was followed later by the Little Miss Series. It has been over 3 decades since Roger Hargreaves death but his lovable group of characters still continue his legacy and are still loved and enjoyed by millions of children across the world. 

By the end of the 70s, Hargreaves had created 39 Mr Men characters. In 1981, the first Little Miss character—Little Miss Bossy was brought to life followed by several others which led to an animated series in 1983. Legend has it that Hargreaves' creative ideas were sparked by his eldest son’s question: What does a tickle look like? Today, the Mr Men and Little Miss series have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, have been translated into several languages and a movie is in the making.

Mr Tickle has extraordinarily long arms and tickles everyone he sees, Mr. Greedy likes to eat, and ventures on a food hunt. Mr Silly lives in Nonsense Land which is a very funny place to live, that holds a Nonsense competition for the silliest idea; along with several other stories about other Mr Men journeys. These stories teach young children about various personality traits, positive and negative characteristics of these characters and more. 

Read on as we add to this collection, Mr Men and Little Miss books and Mr Men and Little Miss book sets that we know your children will fall in love with and learn from.

Mr Men My Complete Collection 48 Books Set By Roger Hargreaves for children aged 5-7 

Join all your favourite Mr Men in this 48 book set by Roger Hargreaves. This set contains all the old and new stories of Mr Men adventures and also includes some fan favourites including Mr Tickle, Mr Bump, Mr Happy and many more fun stories. Ideal for early readers aged 3+ and lovers of the Mr Men series at any age really; the stories are packed to the brim with wise lessons, funny instances and interesting characters. 

The book Mr. Happy in the series for instance is a cute lesson in being happy and spreading happiness. Mr Happy was fat and round, and happy. While on a walk one day he met Mr Miserable, who was never happy. Will Mr Happy get Mr Miserable to smile?

Mr. Nosey from the book Mr. Nosey on the other hand likes to know about everything that is going on. He is always poking his nose into other people's business. Mr Nosey lives in a place called Tiddletown. When the people of Tiddletown decide that Mr Nosey has become much too nosey, they decide to teach him a lesson.

Little Miss 36 Books My Complete Collection Box Set By Roger Hargreaves - for children aged 5-7 years of age

Just as popular as Mr. Men books; The Little Miss stories have delighted children for generations with their charming and funny antics. Bold illustrations and funny stories make them the perfect story time experience for children aged three and up. Get this cute little set for you toddler and let them decide which Little Miss characters they are!

The set includes books like Little Miss Bossy who likes to boss everybody around, which nobody likes, obviously. When the wizard named Wilfred sees how bossy she is, he decides something ought to be done and he introduces her to something even bossier than her. A lesson and a fun read—just the kind of book you want for your little one.

Little Miss Sunshine from the book by the same name is every bit the ray of sunshine that we all need. Little Miss Sunshine is seen driving home from her holiday, when she runs across a signpost to Miseryland. What will happen to the crying folks of Miseryland when Little Miss Sunshine comes to visit? Let’s find out!


All the Mr Men Books in order

The forty-eight classic Mr Men are:

  1. Mr. Tickle
  2. Mr. Greedy
  3. Mr. Happy
  4. Mr. Nosey
  5. Mr. Sneeze
  6. Mr. Bump
  7. Mr. Snow
  8. Mr. Messy
  9. Mr. Topsy Turvy
  10. Mr. Silly
  11. Mr. Uppity
  12. Mr. Small
  13. Mr. Daydream
  14. Mr. Forgetful
  15. Mr. Jelly
  16. Mr. Noisy
  17. Mr. Lazy
  18. Mr. Funny
  19. Mr. Mean
  20. Mr. Chatterbox
  21. Mr. Fussy
  22. Mr. Bounce
  23. Mr. Muddle
  24. Mr. Dizzy
  25. Mr. Impossible
  26. Mr. Strong
  27. Mr. Grumpy
  28. Mr. Clumsy
  29. Mr. Quiet
  30. Mr. Rush
  31. Mr. Tall
  32. Mr. Worry
  33. Mr. Nonsense
  34. Mr. Wrong
  35. Mr. Skinny
  36. Mr. Mischief
  37. Mr. Clever
  38. Mr. Busy
  39. Mr. Slow
  40. Mr. Brave
  41. Mr. Grumble
  42. Mr. Perfect
  43. Mr. Cheerful
  44. Mr. Cool
  45. Mr. Rude
  46. Mr. Good
  47. Mr. Nobody
  48. Mr Adventure

Other Mr Men include:

  • Mr. Christmas 
  • Mr. Birthday
  • Mr. Moustache
  • Mr. Marvelous
  • Mr. Calm
  • Mr. Bolt

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