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Home Learning Books

Having books at home ready for anybody to access is a wonderful thing we should all have, even if it is just a small library section if we have books we loved as a child then we should share these for the next generation whether that would be Biff, Chip and Kipper, Usborne or Ladybird. Having books at home will make it that much easier to encourage your kids to read more, but be sure to provide something your child might be interested in first as this will be an easy starting point, topics can be on science, animals, maths, astronomy. There is a study that shows reading strengthens your brain, a study conducted in 2013 via MRI scan showed that reading for a period of just a few days increased brain activity throughout and most prominently in the somatosensory cortex. 

Reading books was also suggested that it can prevent age related cognitive decline, and reading was suggested that it may even help prevent diseases like Alheimer’s. Conducted by Rush University Medical Center, it was suggested that reading may possibly help with mental problems like dementia which was done back in 2013. Other endless benefits which reading brings for people is reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, heart rate and helps with managing your emotions. For both adults and children, we may often binge watch our favourite series and shows before we go to bed but it is suggested by doctors at Mayo Clinic that reading helps prepare you for a better night sleep, devices with screens emits light that could potentially delay your time in falling asleep thus hurting your sleep pattern and health but with books, it helps you into relaxation and falling asleep in a productive way! You may think that reading is only beneficial for study, learning and relaxation but it may even be beneficial for relieving depression. Many medical experts has recommended reading books to help with conditions, by diving deep into books, people can learn new things, acquire new skills, experience new characters, imagine new places, and help with managing personal symptoms.

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