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Kids Books

Kids Books

Kids books are ever so important, crucial for reading development and its benefits are undeniable. There are millions of kids books to choose from, how do we know where to begin? Well, if you’re reading this then you are on the right track to building the perfect kids books library for your children. At Books 2 Door, we diligently spend hours of our weeks researching into what books we can provide for you and your kids, as to ensure your kids will benefit from reading our books. Our team focuses on collecting the best series of books, for instance we recently created a new collection called Publishers which lists the best books from established Publishers. 

In this new menu, we have publishers from the likes of Egmont, Harper Collins, Ladybird, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Sweet Cherry Publishing, The Watts Publishing Group and more. Whether kids are between the ages of 5-7 or even 0-5, it’s never too early to begin their reading development, you start by reading books to your children, teaching them phonics, sounds, helping them by referring to images and asking kids to start with basic and simple words. In turn, kids will learn from hearing you read and build their confidence and trust in reading and in you as well! There are so many categories to choose from nowadays, by introducing new categories to kids early, they can develop complex ideas quickly. A study from 2014, showed that reading brings positive results for brain development, even for kids who are not yet ready to start reading. In 2020, kids are flooded with thousands of gadgets and the latest entertainment, but as adults we must try to control and manage how much time kids are spending on reading. 

Parents can begin developing a stronger relationship with their kids through reading, and as kids learn more about reading, they can increase their self awareness and key skills that allow them to do better in school, improving their social skills, writing ability, and better equipped in tackling tests, conversing with teachers and peers. There are numerous ways to build a habit of reading for kids, starting at home. You can make reading easily accessible at home, by shelving books that your kids may be interested in, don’t stick with what everybody else may be into but communicate with your son and daughter, ask them what sparks their passion. Once you know what they’re interested in, have these books ready around the house, in their bedroom, in the living room, in the garden! Try not to limit the choices and selections of the books, as long as they are age appropriate then the more variation the better it is for kids. Our blog about homeschooling is also useful for this situation. Reading is fun, as adults we should always encourage the positive side of reading, be expressive when reading kids books, use different tone of voice, read sing song books, use toys and puppets, read slowly and change the pace depending on the story, ask questions.

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