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Up to 10% Off With Multi-Buy Discounts + 10% Cashback
Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health is an important subject and we should all treat this matter with utmost seriousness by looking out for each other as we may not immediately realise who has mental health problems around us. At Books 2 Door, we want to always make our best effort to support children development and adults too by bringing joy through our great selections of books. Whether we are children or young adults studying at school or adults that spend a large portion of our time at our workplace, we should never overlook the power to show goodness, good will and selflessness for others. 

Mental health issues can stem from endless varieties of ways and we should protect each other; both adults and children can be vulnerable so we must always remain alert about this topic, not just for Mental Health Awareness Week but on a daily basis. One of the crucial aspects of supporting people with mental problems is showing kindness, kindness is free, kindness is powerful and kindness is reaching our hands out to people even when they may not ask for help. Through this, we are establishing hope within our community and in turn we are also strengthening ourselves. 

We want to help inspire children and adults to spend more time reading, even if that’s just 5, 10 or 15 minutes a day, we can all benefit our health mentally by immersing ourselves into books, it will have endless beneficial results, you may click here to find out more:

With daily reading and improving our literacy skills, this has association to improving both our physical and mental health. With data in (Chevalier and Feinstein 2006), we found that literacy skills and reading improves our mental health tremendously, and even reduces our chances of depression by 5-7% which is applied for life on a long term. With reading, it also brings us more knowledge and information, which creates empathy and understanding and it gives us the ability to connect with others. Whether you’re reading fiction for creative inspiration on your next blog or novel, or you’re reading non-fiction to acquire some insights on other peoples life philosophies or just to find out more about general knowledge, skills and the world, reading will only help in your journey to becoming wiser, brighter and happier.

Through reading, we may even find out new areas of interests and hobbies we previously had no idea of, and with new hobbies we can share among friends and our children which further navigates us to something better in life and keeping our minds off of negative thoughts. With reading and creating a daily practise of this, it will develop a positive train of events; by focussing on reading we find ourselves in a position of cherishable family time, helping children develop essential grasp of language and increasing our well-being in life which is statistically proven. 

You can read more about Mental Health Awareness Week, this website talks further about mental health, the ways in which you can tackle mental health related issues and how you can get involved to support the community. 

You may also visit this document: Literacy Changes Lives by the National Literacy Trust that talks in detail of the benefits of reading and the endless ways it can help you and your child both physically and mentally through the power of reading and learning together. 



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