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Usborne Lift The Flap 5 Books Collection Set with over 380 flaps to lift - Hardback - Age 5-7

SKU: B2D2921 ISBN: 9781474989336
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A beautifully designed slipcase containing 5 Usborne hardcover interactive lift-the-flap books that provide interesting answers to questions that every inquisitive child would love to ask.

Children’s book publisher of the year in 2020, Usborne, has done it again with this incredible collection of fun, non-fiction kids’ books that are brought to life. For kids aged between 5-7, this set of five illustrative and imaginative books bring plenty of fun learning that make these a joy to take off the shelf and open. When it comes to increasing your child’s general knowledge or resolving questions with their ever-inquisitive minds, the Usborne Lift The Flap Collection is a go-to for all parents that won’t disappoint. It covers a range of topics from outer space to our climate, the weather and plenty more general knowledge to satisfy exploring young minds. As their intake of knowledge increases and they show a keenness to learn new things, these books are a great aid to build on that interest.  

Every single fun fact is truly brought to life in the five books from this collection. Each one is filled with lifting flaps that children will really enjoy, bringing interaction to every page – some books even have over 60 flaps to explore! Not only will children appreciate the colourful illustrations that encourage them to visualise each topic, but behind each flap there are bite-sized chunks of information which will help young readers to take each new fact in. The style of each book is similar with plenty of imagery and colours to bring the information to life, so they will soon become familiar for readers as they navigate their way through each one. As children open up each flap, which can really support fine motor skills, a short piece of information will be revealed that fascinates them.

Jam packed with interesting facts that will spur on all the right kinds of questions from children, the Usborne Lift The Flap Collection provides all the answers they are looking for. These delightful books explore all kinds of questions that young children ask. Lift the flaps to discover who, what, when, where, how, which, and why!

Much like other non-fiction books, these don’t need to be read from cover to cover in one go, instead children may flick between the books depending on their interests, a topic focus that they are learning about at school or perhaps even to find information needed to complete a school project. Parents can make reading these kids’ books lots of fun at home by adding on a short quiz at the end of each one as a way to gently test a child’s knowledge. This is a great way to support children of all ages at home with their learning, in a natural and comfortable environment. Packed with lively illustrations, plenty of colour and fascinating flaps, these books are bursting to reveal amazing secrets waiting to be discovered on every page.

For more non-fiction or lift the flap books for your child to enjoy time and time again, check out our range for 5-7 year olds.

Titles in this set:

General Knowledge

This interactive information book contains over 135 flaps and hundreds of facts. Find out how many seeds a pomegranate has, how fast a woodpecker pecks, how many plays Shakespeare wrote, which is the warmest sea in the world, when the Eiffel Tower was built, what type of snack is the heaviest, and much, much more.

Questions and Answers about our World

An interactive board book with over 60 flaps, exploring all kinds of questions that young children ask about the world around them. Lift the flaps to discover the answers to lots of 'what?', 'why?', 'how?', 'when?' and 'who?' questions. Provides friendly, simple answers to challenging questions, with entertaining and informative illustrations.

How Things Work

Have you ever wondered just what happens when you flush a toilet, or what goes on inside a light bulb? Do you want to know how a digger scoops up soil, why boats float and what keeps planes up in the air? An amazing flap book packed with inventions, machines, gadgets and devices, and facts and information about how they work. Over 90 flaps reveal the insides of car engines, toilets, escalators, submarines and microwaves and many, many other machines. Includes internet links to websites with animations, games and experiments.  Lift the flaps to see inside how things work–from everyday inventions to massive machines.

Questions and Answers About Space

With over 60 flaps to lift, this delightful book answers questions such as 'Where have people visited in space?', 'What's a cosmonaut?', 'Why can't I see stars in daytime'; What's it like in space? How do you get there? And what do astronauts do all day? Inquisitive little ones can find the answers to these questions and many more in this fascinating lift-the-flap introduction to space, with colourful illustrations, simple text and chunky flaps to lift. There are lots of what, where, how, why, and yes or no questions with answers beneath the flaps. Internet links take children to carefully selected websites to find out more. 

See Inside Weather and Climate

A fascinating flap book that tours the land, sea and skies to discover where weather comes from. With over 100 flaps to lift, children can peer into a thundercloud, follow the path of a hurricane and visit the coldest place on Earth. Includes pages on climate change, the seasons, world climates, the water cycle, winds and more. An informative introduction to an essential school geography topic. This  lift-the-flap information book that introduces readers to the science of weather. Filled with facts from how hurricanes and floods happen to how global warming is affecting the Earth's climates.