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Pro Footballers Secret Tips Revealed F2 Ultimate Footballer Non Fiction Book - Young Adult - Paperback

SKU: B2D2686 ISBN: 9781788702584
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We have scoured the planet and analysed what components you need to become the perfect footballer: the speed of Mbappe , the dribbling of Hazard , the tekkers of Neymar and the tackling of Ramos .

If you want to add skills like the ozil bounce pass , the Messi soft scoop and the Neymar rainbow , then look no further. And this time we reveal the secret tips told to us by the top Pros behind the scenes. And once you've put your ultimate footballer together, you can compare with ours.

Who has the best? You decide. There's a free app to download that will make the pages come to life with exclusive videos, tricks and games. So, what are you waiting for? Open, read, learn, download and get out on the pitch and practise

We are The F2. And this is Ultimate Footballer.