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Minecraft, The Woodsword Chronicles, Into the Game 4 Books Box Set By Nick Eliopulos - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

SKU: B2D3023 ISBN: 9781405297745
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From one of the bestselling sandbox survival video games developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft, check out the new book series Minecraft, The Woodsword Chronicles Into the Game 4 Books Box Set. This brilliant four-book paperback collection is a series of children’s books written by Nick Eliopulos and stunningly illustrated by Luke Flowers, Alan Batson and Chris Hill. This collection is perfect for children to read together with parents as guided reading, filled with fun and exciting illustrations. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be trapped inside your favourite video game? Well, when five young Minecraft players in the real world find themselves transported and trapped inside of the game they love, it’s up to them to use everything they know to explore, build and survive. 

This collection is the only official Minecraft chapter book series, featuring the first four books in the series, including the books, Into the Game, Night of the Bats, Deep Dive!, and Ghast in the Machine. This collection makes for the perfect gift set for young gamers and older readers aged 7-9 and the perfect addition to read alongside playing the game. Each illustrated paperback edition is filled with action-packed adventure, death-defying thrills and witty jokes that will engage both fans of Minecraft and fantasy readers alike.

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About the Author:

Nick Eliopulos is a writer, editor, game designer and teacher born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He is the author of two officially licenced Minecraft chapter book series, The Woodsword Chronicles and The Stonesword Saga.

As a young child, he loved to read a mixture of superhero comics and non-fiction books about alien abductions, psychic phenomena and sasquatches. The encouragement from his eccentric reading habits by his parents and teachers eventually led him to pursue a degree in cultural studies at the University of Florida. After graduating, he moved to New York, where he pursued his line of work in the publishing industry.

Over the course of his thirteen-year career as a children’s book editor, he had the opportunity to write for several licenced properties, including DC Super Friends and Thomas the Tank Engine. Currently, he works as a narrative designer for an indie video game studio and lives with his husband, fellow editor and author, in Brooklyn.

Titles in This Set: 

  1. Into The Game
  2. Night Of The Bats
  3. Deep Dive!
  4. Ghast In The Machine

From the Publisher:

Into the Game

When Doc Culpepper, the science teacher, asks Morgan and his friends to test her new Virtual Reality Minecraft Project, they can't wait. Inside the world of Minecraft, the friends build and gather to make a castle and survive the night. They actually feel like they are inside the game. But something isn't right. Morgan and his friends are in trouble, and Ash might be the only person that can help. If they are to survive, they will have to use everything they know to build, explore and endure.

Night of the Bats

Woodsword Middle has been infested by bats, bringing chaos and disorder into Ms Minerva's classroom. Ash, Morgan and their friends realise that it’s going to take all their video game talents to get to the bottom of this monstrous mystery. The friends continue to explore Doc Culpepper's virtual reality world of Minecraft. When they arrive at a village, which is terrorised by a hostile mob each night, they know they must help out. But will the kids work out how to stop the mob and save the villagers? And why is Ms Minerva's classroom full of bats?

Dive Deep!

The gang from Woodsword Middle School have re-entered the world of Minecraft, and this time they’re taking the plunge to discover the secrets of the underwater ocean biome. They find an aquatic world filled with much beauty and wonder. When Ash, Morgan and their friends follow a treasure map with the promise of adventure and opportunity to explore, they find that their underwater quest ties in perfectly with their new school science project. But trouble quickly threatens to sink them in both worlds when they discover that it could be a trap set by the mysterious Evoker King. With air running dangerously love, will they survive to find out?

Ghast in the Machine

Morgan, Ash, Harper, Po and Jodi return for another adventure in the virtual world of Minecraft. Portals opening... Worlds are colliding. It sounds impossible, but the Evoker King has found a way from Minecraft into the real world. This spells big trouble both in the game and in the real world. As Jodi races to piece together the clues to his identity, she doesn't like where they point. Could one of her friends be the sinister mob?!