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Michael Rosen Funny Stories 6 Book Collection - Paperback - Age 7-9

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Perfect for young readers aged between 7-9, this collection by Michael Rosen of six funny stories is a pleasure to read from start to finish that both children and parents will enjoy. Each one has its own unique story to tell that has a brilliant way of capturing young minds so be prepared for plenty of laughing out loud. Known for his comedic approach to kids books, this popular author makes each title as funny as the last so there’s plenty to keep children entertained in the six-book collection. What’s more, this gentle yet fun approach to the next stage in your child’s reading can really support young children who are perhaps reluctant to read. Parents might also find this popular collection useful for introduction to chapter books, as their literacy journey progresses in KS2. This six-book set is perfect for parent-child reading time at home, approaching one chapter at a time and is a great addition to your child’s library. 

Michael Rosen grew up in a surrounding where his father and mother loved to sing songs and come up with fun poems, this creative environment inspired Rosen to further work on his craft in the area of writing and storytelling. Michael Rosen was one of the very first authors or poets to attend schools to teach the art of writing and reading of literature in schools. Michael Rosen initially worked as a script writer at the BBC, he wrote scripts for kids shows - one of these shows was Sam on Boff’s Island which helped kids develop important reading skills. 

Rosen’s work are great for kids who are looking to develop reading skills in a fun way, his very first children’s book was called Mind Your Own Business published in 1974, this was a collection of poems, Rosen worked with Quentin Blake who was a well known Illustrator which also worked with the legendary author Roald Dahl. Rosen wrote and published many other poetry works which talked about his life when he was aged between 2 and 12. Some of these titles include You Wait Till I’m Older Than You and Bananas in My Ears. This collection of 6 funny stories are a fantastic set to keep children engaged with reading, this also happens to be one of our very best selling collections. You may also be interested to browse our authors section to view more great and inspiring authors

Titles in Collection:

  1. Burping Bertha
  2. Choosing Crumble
  3. Don't Forget Tiggs!
  4. Barking for Bagels
  5. Bilal's Brilliant Bee
  6. Fluff the Farting Fish


Burping Bertha

"A brilliant tale told with all the ingenuity of Michael Rosen and accompanied by the wonderful illustrations of Tony Ross."

On an ordinary morning, in an ordinary flat, an up-till-now perfectly ordinary Bertha does an extraordinary burp. A burp so extraordinary, it knocks things over. A burp so big that very soon it's causing havoc in the school canteen, the playground, not to mention her grandad's apple trees... Such a burptastic secret cannot stay quiet for long. And soon enough it lands Bertha her very own celebrity stardom...but is it all just a lot of hot air?

Choosing Crumble

When Terri-Lee goes to the pet-shop she thinks she’ll be choosing a dog – she doesn’t expect the dog to be choosing her! But Crumble is no ordinary pet and he’s got a few questions to ask:

How many walks will you take me on? Do you like to dance? Will you tickle me? I like that a lot. Will Terri-Lee’s dance moves and answers be enough to convince Crumble that she could be his owner?

Don't Forget Tiggs!

Mr and Mrs Hurry are always rushing about. They never stop! But that means they forget some rather important things – like eating . . . and shopping . . . and taking their son Harry to school! Thankfully, Tiggs the cat is around to remind them. But will anyone remember to give Tiggs his dinner?

Barking for Bagels

Shnipp the dog loves to play fetch with Julie and Lara in the park, but she doesn't love their annoying laughs. So one day she decides to run off. It's not long before Shnipp finds a new life with Bessie the Bagel Lady, eating delicious bagels every day. But when she decides to finally head home, she discovers things aren't exactly the same as when she left...

Bilal's Brilliant Bee

Bilal is terrified of The Test. He can't answer any of the questions! But then Bumble the bee comes along, and he can answer any question you ask, even the really tricky ones. Then Bilal's granny suggests they go on the wildly popular TV quiz show, What's What? Win the Lot! But what will happen if Bilal and Bumble do win the lot...? A wonderfully bonkers and laugh-out loud funny story from dream team Rosen and Ross.

Fluff the Farting Fish

Elvie is desperate for a puppy that she can train up to do amazing tricks. But it's not a puppy Mum returns from the pet shop with, it's a fish. But Elvie doesn't give up. Determined to fulfill her dream of having a performing pet she trains up Fluff the fish. Fluff can't sit, she won't bark on command, but she does have a very special fishy talent all of her own . . .

This Michael Rosen 6 book collection is full of silly laughs from farting fish and to bagel snatching dogs. This set contains funny poems and stories that children love reading again and again. This set is perfect for children aged 5-7 who enjoy laughing and giggling with funny loveable characters. Horrid Henry illustrator Tony Ross provides familiar illustrations.