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Matt Haig 3 Christmas Book Collection - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

SKU: B2D1179 ISBN: 9781786890689
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Titles In Set:

  • The Girl Who Saved Christmas
  • A Boy Called Christmas
  • Father Christmas and Me

The Girl Who Saved Christmas

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC? It is Christmas Eve and all is not well. Amelia Wishart is trapped in Mr Creeper''s workhouse and Christmas is in jeopardy. Magic is fading. If Christmas is to happen, Father Christmas knows he must find her. With the help of some elves, eight reindeer, the Queen and a man called Charles Dickens, the search for Amelia - and the secret of Christmas - begins...
A Boy Called Christmas

BELIEVE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE You are about to read THE TRUE STORY OF FATHER CHRISTMAS If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. (Because this book is FULL of impossible things.) Are you still reading? Good. Then let us begin...

Father Christmas and Me

LET THE BATTLE FOR CHRISTMAS BEGIN It isn''t always easy, growing up as a human in Elfhelm, even if your adoptive parents are the newly married Father Christmas and Mary Christmas. For one thing, Elf School can be annoying when you have to sing Christmas songs every day - even in July - and when you fail all your toy-making tests. Also it can get very, very cold. But when the jealous Easter Bunny and his rabbit army launch an attack to stop Christmas, it''s up to Amelia, her new family and the elves to keep Christmas alive. Before it''s too late...

This 3 book set from bestselling author Matt Haig is full of Christmas adventures that seem impossible. From The Boy Called Christmas to The Girl Who Saved Christmas, and even an adventure with Father Christmas himself. This is a fun collection full of festive magic, the perfect set for Christmas lovers and children aged 7+.