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London (The Diaries of Robin's Travels) - Age 7-9 - Paperback by Ken and Angie Lake

SKU: B2D1569 ISBN: 9781782260493
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Robin has been set a class project about London and Grandad has the biggest surprise in store for him. With Charles Dickens showing them around, Robin is bound to learn more than a few things. Try not to lose track on the Underground though - there's lots to see! Learn alongside Robin in this installment of, The Diaries of Robin's Travels. Robin and his Grandad travel around the world to different locations, learning all about exciting cultures along the way. With the help of Grandad's magic spell, they bring to life, The Magic Talking Book of the World's Most Interesting People and Places! Each historical person has a fascinating story to tell Robin, and helps to teach him some very important facts about the world and its history.