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Intertwined by Gena Showalter 2 Books Collection Set - Ages 13+ - Paperback

by Mira
SKU: B2D3857 ISBN: 9780778304319
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Titles In This Set :

1. Intertwined
2. Unravelled

Description : 

Aden's image was burned into her mind. He had black hair with inch-long blond roots. A face as perfect as the Grecian statues she'd seen in her world history textbook, even with the grime. For the briefest of moments, when a beam of sunlight had hit him, she could have sworn his eyes were striped with green, brown, blue and gold. But then the ray had disappeared and the colours melted into each other, leaving only an intense black. The colours didn't matter, though. Those eyes were feral, wild, and she'd felt that undeniable shock that had ended as quickly as it had begun, for one second seeming to hook her to a generator, jolting her, unnerving her. Even hurting her. And here he was again...

Victoria s teeth sank into Aden s vein, sharp and insistent There was no pain. Her lips, tongue, teeth, something produced a drug that numbed his skin before slithering through his body and fuzzing his brain. Heating him up...making him crave. So good, she whispered. So With a groan, she jerked away from him. Dangerous. His eyes opened to half-mast, and he realised he was no longer outside. He d never taken a step, but his location had changed. Four walls now surrounded him. They were painted white. Everything in the room was white. There was a large, canopied bed with white fur draped over the top. On the vanity rested a vase of white roses, scenting the air so sweetly. Nice, for a coffin...