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Dotty Detective 6 Books Collection Set By Clara Vulliamy - Ages 7+ - Paperback

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Dotty’s real name is Dorothy Constable Marie Louise but she very much prefers her alternative name Dotty. Dotty is just like any other ordinary girl, but one day she needed to move house as well as move to a new school. As Dotty moves to her new school, she is very concerned about being in this new unfamiliar place and with no friends, will she be able to enjoy her new education. Despite her concerns, Dotty makes lots of new friends yet some do not wish to be friends with Dotty. In particular one student called Laura, she and her friends are plotting an evil plan to win the school talent show in a terrible way. 

Dotty and her friends as well as her pet dog McClusky are forming a new detective club, this new club is called Join the Dots. In this new detective club, Dotty and her friends are trying to investigate how to protect the talent show and to find out how to stop Laura and her mean friends. Dotty has a friend called Amy, she will be performing at the talent show as a singer. However, one of the weaknesses of Amy is being shy, and Dotty and her friends must help Amy overcome this for her to succeed in her singing performance. Dotty and her friends are investigating in the stage setting too, as there is a constant faded whirl noise sounded from the back, this is something that is a mystery and the detective club must find out if this is related to Laura at all. 

This series is very fun and the style of the book is unique, written in like a diary stylised format. A wonderful series for readers of ages 7+, who are interested in funny mystery genres. Dotty and her friend Beans are also investigating other mysteries like weird disappearances of items in their house. Dotty is portrayed as a solid and forward looking character, she is constantly put to the test through difficult situations yet her character is always overcoming these makes it an engaging and existing story for readers, especially motivational for young readers. Some of the things that Dotty is interested in are stationary tools, shoes and vegetable peas…

Some of the themes included in this series are about joys with friends, friendship and sharing kindness between people. Clara Vulliamy is the author and illustrator of this beautiful series, born in London 1962 her favorite hobby growing up is drawing. Her writing approach to this series is fun and she was able to address some fundamental topics in an easy to read story. Clara’s passion for Art was further supported by her parents, she attended Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art, her career in Art and Painting had led to her to a new found career in being an author and the skills were transferred over to her unique storytelling. This series is among our bestsellers

Titles in This Set:

1. Dotty Detective
2. The Paw Print Puzzle
3. Midnight Mystery
4. The Lost Puppy
5. The Birthday Surprise
6. The Holiday Mystery


Dotty Detective
Meet Dorothy Constance Mae Louise, or Dot as she prefers to be called! Dot loves super-sour apple sherberts, running fast and puzzles – especially if they’re fiendishly tricky. And with the help of trusty sidekick, Beans and TOP DOG, McClusky, she is always ready to sniff out a mystery. So when meangirl Laura seems set on sabotaging the school talent show, Dot is determined to find out how, and save the day.

The Paw Print Puzzle
Dot, her best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky are back on the case in a brand-new story! When Dot starts hearing strange noises at night she’s convinced there must be something SPOOKY afoot. But before they can prove there’s a ghost on the loose, Dot and Beans have to follow Ace Detective Fred Fantastic golden rule: GET PROOF. Easier said than done when the suspect appears to be invisible.

The Midnight Mystery
The Join the Dots Detectives: Dot, Beans and McClusky are back on the case in a third, brand-new mystery Dot and Beans can’t wait for their school trip to Adventure Camp where they will do lots of exciting activities like zip-wiring, grass tobogganing and roasting marshmallows round a campfire! But once they arrive, strange things start happening. Could mean girl Laura could be up to her old tricks in a bid to win the Adventure Camp Prize…? It’s up to the Join the Dots Detectives to find out Meanwhile, TOP DOG McClusky is entered into a local dog show! Will he keep up his training while Dot’s away and win the prize for handsomest pooch?

The Lost Puppy
Dot, her best friend Beans and her dog McClusky all love sniffing out a good mystery and together they will solve the case and save the day . It’s the last week of school term and the children are looking forward to the School summer fair. Dotty and best pal Beans will be looking after pet’s corner, starring McClusky and his two canine pals: Geoffrey and the little sausage dog puppy, Chipolata. But just days before the fair disaster strikes – Chipolata has gone missing. Dotty and Beans get on the case. Can they solve the mystery of the missing puppy.

The Birthday Surprise
Dot, her best friend Beans and her dog McClusky all love sniffing out a good mystery and together they will solve the case and save the day . . . Dotty is sporty, funny, creative, clever and FEARLESS: She is great with codes and puzzles and most of all – if there’s a mystery to solve – she’s your girl. This time round her trusty sidekick, Beans and TOP DOG, McClusky are keeping secrets from Dotty – will she like their surprise.

The Holiday Mystery
Dot, her best pal Beans and TOP DOG McClusky are back on the case in a brand-new story Dotty and Beans are SUPER excited about their summer holiday together. It’s going to be SO much fun. Beaches, BBQs and best of all NO SCHOOL! But there’s no rest for the Join the Dots Detectives who soon have a campsite case to solve.