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Dilly Court Collection 10 Books Set - Young Adult - Paperback

by Arrow
SKU: B2D2890 ISBN: 9789123862993
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Dilly Court Collection 10 Books Set:

A Loving Family-
Eleven-year-old Stella Barry is forced into service when her family find themselves living hand-to-mouth.Leaving her mother and younger brother and sister behind, Stella goes to a big country house outside London.

The Lady's Maid-
In the quiet of a warm summer's evening, two young mothers are forced to give up their babies.

Cinderella Sister-
Lily Larkin is the youngest of six and the least important member of her family.

A Mother's Secret-
When seventeen-year-old Belinda Phillips falls in love with a handsome Anglo-Indian officer, she knows that he is a man she can never hope to marry.

The Workhouse Girl-
Circumstances force eight-year-old Sarah and her widowed mother to enter the notorious St Giles and St George’s Workhouse.

A Mother's Trust-
Phoebe Giamatti lives with her boisterous Italian family in the heart of London's East End.

The Ragged Heiress-
On a bitter winter's day, an unnamed girl lies dangerously ill in hospital.

The Best of Daughters-
Despite her privileged upbringing, Daisy Lennox has always longed to make something of her life.

The Beggar Maid:
When he grandfather passes away, Charity is helped by a kindly doctor who introduces her to bookseller, Jethro Dawkins.

The Orphan's Dream:
Motherless since she was five, Mirabel Cutler was raised by her father to be a lady. But when he dies suddenly, Mirabel finds herself cast out on the street by her ruthless stepmother.