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Barry Loser 11 Book Collection - Ages 7-9 - Paperback - Jim Smith

by Dean
SKU: B2D2367 ISBN: 9780603577758
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Titles in Set:
  • I am not a Loser
  • I am still not a Loser
  • I am so over being a Loser
  • I am sort of a Loser
  • Barry Loser and the holiday of doom
  • Barry Loser and the Case of the Crumpled Carton
  • Barry Loser Hates Half Term
  • Barry Loser and the birthday billions
  • Barry Loser worst school trip ever
  • Barry Loser is the best at football NOT
  • Barry Loser's book of keel stuff

    Jim Smith brings together this fantastic 11 book collection of Barry Loser books. Barry doesn't mind that his last name is Loser; he thinks his coolness cancels it out. Join Barry on his adventures through life at school. This collection is ideal for kids aged 7+ and fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.