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Reading Together Day Books

Reading is beneficial for people, no matter what your age is but did you know that reading together especially if you’re a parent reading together with your children will have further advantages for your developing child. Reading will help enhance your language skills early on, by preparing children with the enjoyment of reading. Each child will have their own individual unique challenges and obstacles to overcome, as a parent or carer you’ll be able to address these issues quickly and help them whilst they're young before they start tackling more difficult books on their own. As a parent or carer, you will have strong diversity in culture, literacy, education and experiences a child does not so for each book you read you are able to feed more information beyond just reading skills to children, for example you can introduce to them worldly views, what food is like in other parts of the world, what the climate is like, what languages there are in the world, the sights and habitats of different regions of the world. 

In this collection, we have the Start Reading 52 Books Collection Box Set, divided into 9 different difficulty levels and book banded which is the system they use in primary schools. These books are ideal for kids ages 4-7 and were designed by professionals and literacy experts, each level contains fun books which will introduce new scenes and activities to your child like fun at the beach, let’s go on holiday, Cinderella & the Beanstalk and The Poor Pirates. We also have the amazing The Complete Alice 22 Book Collection, a complete collection packaged together in a beautiful box containing the original stories by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson of Alice in Wonderland. Dating back to 1865, the stories had continued to place the tales at the hearts of children around the world, thus far it has been translated into more than 97 languages. Alice remains open minded and open hearted as she travels to new and foreign lands full of unusual lands and creatures, both fantastic and strange like places and the original design will remain ingrained in your heart forever after reading this amazing piece. Many books like Reading Champions, Reading Ladder and Ladybird will make it convenient for parents and carers to guide children and their reading development, most of which include useful notes and tips on how to teach children and the gradual rise in stages will make it a breeze for everybody to read together. Starting early will help children have a head start in learning and equipping them with essential skills to grow in their reading journey, ultimately benefiting them and teachers as well as classes start introducing new lessons earlier and faster. Reading together is a quick and affordable way to learn and can be done by anyone and anywhere, whilst children and parents create stronger relationships via reading, this in turn will target children’s weaknesses in reading much earlier and strengthening the key areas.

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