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Alphablocks, Colourblocks & Numberblocks - Learning Blocks Books

Introducing the Numberblocks and Alphablocks! As seen on the BAFTA-nominated television series on CBeebies. Here at Books2Door, we have specially curated a list of the bestselling Numberblocks and Alphablocks books that are a fan-favourite among the little ones. Whether you're gift shopping for a loved one, or a little one, shop our complete Learning Blocks books collection now.


Say hello to the Alphablocks! As seen on CBeebies, check out the BAFTA-nominated television series made up of funky letters. A family of 26 living letters who discover that when they hold hands and make a word, it magically comes to life. Each Alphablock's personality revolves around the unique and memorable way they make their letter sounds. 

The Alphablocks is a step-by-step reading programme grouped into five handy colour-coordinated levels. Each level introduces new letters and "letter teams" in combination with new phonics ideas. The Alphablocks have been developed with literary experts and aligned to the EYSF (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework and the Key Stage One: 

Level One: Recognising the sounds that each letter makes. Children start to meet the letters in an order that allows them to start making words, using sounding out and blending skills.

Level Two: Introduces less common letters and rounds out the alphabet, meeting the capital letters and letter names. 

Level Three: Introduces children to letter teams- two letters that join to make one sound (e.g. sh, ch, oo and ee). 

Level Four: Introduces letter blends- two consonants that make both of their sounds when they appear together (e.g. st-, bl-, and tr-). 

Level Five: Discovering that there are different ways to make the long vowel sounds, such as the combination between a vowel and the letter E (e.g. a-e in cake and o-e in home). Children will learn to complete their journey from meeting the letters to reading words like 'alphabet' independently and confidently. 

Alphablocks Activity Books 

Children will love learning with our Alphablocks Series 3 Books Collection Set by Sweet Cherry Publishing. Perfect for ages 3-6, these books feature two wipe-clean books and a lift-the-flap book. With a free wipe-clean pen, your child can enjoy learning with the Alphablocks as the interactive books guide them to build, blend and write simple phonics.

For those little ones wanting to develop the basics of letters and numbers, why not check out the Numberblocks and Alphablocks: Let's Learn Numbers and Letters 4 Books Wipe-Clean Box Set? This spell-tacular collection of four board books each includes a free wipe-clean pen, guiding children through number bonds and letter teams. This set contains four wipe-clean books, perfect for practising and honing those pen-handling and basic maths skills. Whether they are practising writing their ABCs, counting from 0-10, basic shapes and basic words, this book set has got you covered. Practice and learn through a series of fun number and letter challenges with all of your favourite Alphablocks and Numberblocks!


If you have children between the ages of 3-5 years old, you must have heard of the BAFTA-nominated show Numberblocks. The brightly coloured cubes with unique personalities are a great addition to your child's screen time as they are engaging and educational. The show strives to improve children's recognition of basic sums like adding, subtracting and timetables. This is ideal for any child who is starting school or nursery and is looking for some activities to practise their maths skills. 

Numberblocks follows a similar step-by-step tier system like Alphablocks, perfect for helping your child develop their skills and helps you monitor their progress. Numberblocks uses best-practice visual teaching techniques that is used in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework and KS1 curriculum across the UK. 

Level One: Introduction to the first five numbers and foundation skills like counting, recognising amounts of numbers, comparing and sorting numbers, and simple adding and subtraction. 

Level Two: Covers numbers up to ten and introduces bonds, odd and even numbers, square numbers, patterns and shapes. 

Level Three: This stage explores numbers up to thirty as well as looking at doubling numbers, halving, multiplication, division, factions and new number patterns. 

Level Four: The next stage takes children to numbers up to fifty and develops their skills with two-digit numbers more. 

Level Five: The final level explores using numbers up to one hundred and begins showing children how bigger numbers work and gives them an idea of what potentials there are with bigger numbers. 

Meet the Crew

The first ten Numberblocks are: 

  • One - she's the smallest and bravest 
  • Two - he loves to dance with his sparkly shoes 
  • Three - she's a bit of a clown who is always juggling 
  • Four - he's a friendly block who's solid as a rock 
  • Five - she loves giving high-fives
  • Six - she loves to role her dice 
  • Seven - he is made up of the seven colours of the rainbow and is very lucky 
  • Eight - he's the fearless Octoblock who has an evil nemesis called Octonaughty 
  • Nine - he is a square, just like four, but nine just can't stop sneezing
  • Ten - she's always ready for adventure, as she can turn herself into a rocket 

Christmas with Numberblocks and Alphablocks 

If you are shopping for your child, check out our amazing Numberblocks Annual 2023 Christmas Sticker Activity/Fun 3 Books Collection. This set contains Numberblocks Christmas Sticker Book, Numberblocks Christmas Sticker Activity Book and Numberblocks Official Annual 2023. This set is perfect for little ones to sit down with on an evening and practise essential maths skills whilst playing and interacting with their favourite Numberblocks characters. 

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