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10% cashback + £5 off when you refer us - Read more

Books for £1 or Less

At Books 2 Door, we focus on providing the best titles at amazing value, when it comes to bargain prices we should be your top choice of the best selection of books for the most affordable prices. In our Books for £1 category, we have included all our wonderful new and classic books for just £1, sit back and relax whilst I introduce you to some of the most incredible books for both kids ages 0-5, 5-7 and adults

In this collection, we have the new 2020 title Evie in the Jungle WBD 2020 by Matt Haig, this story tells about the hero Evie who has the unique quality of being able to hear what animals are thinking and being able to talk to animals telepathically with her mind. This fantastic book is a real fun and ferocious adventure! Evie begins her adventure to seek out the most wild animals which belong in the Amazon rainforest, as Evie arrives at her new home, Evie makes new friends like pink river dolphins, an injured sloth, a mysterious jaguar. Evie realises she needs to form a new plan to save the lives of the animals of the Amazon. An amazing piece by the bestselling author Matt Haig and illustrated by award winning illustrator Emily Gravett. For the older audience, we have the new 2020 title Split written by Muhammad Khan and published by Macmillan.

This story follows the protagonist Salmi Hashbi who is a 15 year old girl who faces torment and mistreatment from her family and community all because of a single misunderstanding, when Salma was caught up with a situation with her boyfriend which embarrassed Salma greatly. This single incident has resulted in her family now disappointed in her particularly her mum, Salma is also rejected by her school and friends. The perplexing story of Salma and the storyline of her hardships can be found relatable to some audiences, Salma decides to stay strong and fight back despite all the setbacks. Salma fights back against all prejudice and fales nonsense and rumours. Salma sets herself a goal to audition for a role, she ventures out to fulfill her dreams and to show the world her real side. This story is powerful, inspiring, compelling and influential for young people, it shows people that you must fight for all you believe is right and standing up for yourselves by the award winning author Muhammad Khan. Muhammad Khan is a winner of the 2019 Brandford Boase Award, and has formed a great voice in Young Adult Literature. 

We also have some of the bestselling titles among this collection like Ten Little Bookworms ideal for ages 0-5 and Diary of Greg Heffley’s Best Friend great for ages 7-9 by Jeff Kinney.