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Benjamin Zephaniah Books

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    Benjamin Zephaniah Collection 4 Books Set - Ages 12+ - Paperback

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    Introducing the Benjamin Zephaniah Collection - a thrilling anthology of four captivating books that will ignite your imagination, stir your emotio...

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    Original price £31.96
    Original price £31.96 - Original price £31.96
    Original price £31.96
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Enter the enchanting world of Benjamin Zephaniah, a remarkable British author, poet, and dub artist who has captivated readers of all ages with his powerful storytelling and profound insights. With a diverse repertoire of books aimed at children, Zephaniah's works have touched the hearts and minds of young readers, encouraging them to question, imagine, and embrace their own unique voices. Delve into Zephaniah's captivating books for children, including the picture book We Sang Across the Sea: The Empire Windrush and Me, the poetry book Talking Turkeys, and the novels Refugee Boy, Face, Gangsta Rap, and Teacher's Dead, showcasing how his words ignite imagination and inspire young minds.

After his passing in late 2023, with his powerful poetry and thought-provoking prose, Benjamin left an indelible mark on the world of literature and social justice. His words were a beacon of hope, sparking conversations about equality, diversity, and the human experience.

We Sang Across the Sea: The Empire Windrush and Me:

Zephaniah's picture book We Sang Across the Sea: The Empire Windrush and Me take young readers on a poignant journey, shedding light on an important chapter in British history. Through vivid illustrations and heartfelt storytelling, Zephaniah explores the experiences of the Windrush generation, capturing their hopes, dreams, and struggles. This empowering tale introduces children to the notion of cultural diversity, fostering empathy and understanding while celebrating the resilience and contributions of those who shaped modern Britain.

Children’s Poetry 

Zephaniah's poetry book, Talking Turkeys, is a collection of vibrant and thought-provoking poems that resonate with young readers. Infused with Zephaniah's distinctive rhythm and lyrical style, these poems tackle a range of topics, from social justice and equality to self-acceptance and the power of words. Through his poetic voice, Zephaniah encourages children to explore their own creativity, challenging societal norms and inspiring them to use the written word as a tool for self-expression and positive change.

Refugee Boy, Face, Gangsta Rap, and Teacher's Dead:

In his novels, Benjamin Zephaniah fearlessly addresses important themes that resonate with young readers. Refugee Boy tells the poignant story of a young Ethiopian refugee seeking solace and a new identity in the UK. Through the lens of a compelling narrative, Zephaniah humanizes the refugee experience, encouraging empathy and promoting understanding among young readers.

In Face, Zephaniah tackles the complex issue of facial disfigurement, exploring themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and resilience. The story follows the journey of Martin, a teenager whose journey towards self-empowerment challenges societal prejudices and stereotypes.

Gangsta Rap confronts the issue of social injustice, racism, and the power of music to bridge divides. Zephaniah weaves a compelling narrative around a talented young rapper who uses his lyrics to expose injustice and spark positive change in his community.

With Teacher's Dead, Zephaniah explores themes of education, social inequality, and the power of students' voices. The story centres around a group of students who, in the face of tragedy, take a stand for their rights and education. Get all four of these amazing books in our Benjamin Zephaniah Collection 4 Books Set

Benjamin Zephaniah's books for children serve as a gateway to a world of imagination, empathy, and social consciousness. Through captivating stories, powerful poetry, and thought-provoking themes, Zephaniah encourages young minds to question the world around them, embrace diversity, and find their own unique voice. Whether it's through the picture book We Sang Across the Sea: The Empire Windrush and Me, the poetry book Talking Turkeys, or the novels Refugee Boy, Face, Gangsta Rap, and Teacher's Dead, Zephaniah's works empower young readers to navigate the complexities of life, fostering compassion, resilience, and a lifelong love for literature. Discover the transformative power of Benjamin Zephaniah's books for children and embark on a literary journey that will leave an indelible impact on young minds.

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