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Up to 10% Off With Multi-Buy Discounts + 10% Cashback
Outdoor adventures for the kids

Outdoor adventures for the kids


Outdoor adventures for the kids!

Here are some of our awesome outdoor adventures ideas.

  1. Go on a wilderness walk

The great outdoors doesn’t have the be miles away, there’s an adventure around every corner. Explore your local area and look out for birds in the trees, new flowers in the park or animals hiding in the hedge. Encourage an inquisitive mind and let your little ones explore with all of their sense.

To help keep whines away here are some fun games to play on long walks:

  1. I spy: This classic game will help while you’re looking for all of natures little creatures.
  2. Run, hop and skip: walking doesn’t have to be boring mix it up with some hops, skips, shuttles and sideway walks.
  3. If you’re feeling really energetic make the walk a fun game of Catch!

Check out all of these fun walking ideas.

Who knows you might even find a lucky twig or a magic stone on your wilderness walk?

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     2. Build a den

All you need for this is pillows, blankets, string, washing pegs, sticks and bags of creativity – you can use lots more, but that depends on how brave you are.

The National Trust have put together this fantastic guide to den building. Can you make something as spectacular?

There’s nothing quite like building your own little space and what’s the best thing to do inside little spaces, READ!

The 13-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton create the best dens. What would have in the coolest den? A pool? A salon? A shark tank with man-eating sharks?

 The 13-Storey Treehouse 5 book collection – £9.99

Image result for storey treehouse books2door

3. Play Pooh Stick

Head to your local river, stream, brook and play Winnie-the-Pooh’s favourite game, Pooh Sticks!

All you need to play is:

  1. Stick
  2. Flowing water
  3. A footbridge

Rules to play:

  1. First, you each select a stick and show it to your fellow competitors. You must agree which stick is which – or whose, as it were.
  2. Check which way the stream is flowing. Competitors need to face the stream on the side where it runs in, under the bridge (upstream). Note: If the stream runs out, from under the bridge you are standing on the wrong side! (downstream).
  3. Choose someone to be a Starter. This can be either the oldest or the youngest competitor.
  4. All the competitors stand side by side facing upstream.
  5. Each competitor holds their stick at arms length over the stream. The tall competitors should lower their arms to bring all the sticks to the same height over the stream as the shortest competitor’s stick.
  6. The starter calls, ‘Ready – Steady – Go!” and all the competitors drop their sticks. Note: the stick must not be thrown into the water.
  7. At this point in the game all the players must cross to the downstream side of the bridge. Please take care – young players like to race across. Remember, other people use bridges and some of them have vehicles or horses.
  8. Look over the edge of the bridge for the sticks to emerge. The owner of the first Stick to float from under the bridge is the winner.

If you get really good you might even want to consider entering the World Poohstick Championships?

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I hope these ideas have filled you with lots of ideas for your next outdoor adventure.

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