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Helpful Puberty Books Every Young Teen Must Read

Helpful Puberty Books Every Young Teen Must Read

Although every parent must have 'the talk' with their teen child, we understand how tricky approaching the subject can be for most parents across many cultures. Puberty is an incredibly stressful time for teens AND their parents. While the teens struggle to understand all the changes their bodies are going through, the parents struggle to understand and deal with all the behavioural changes that their teenager is displaying. We suggest that parents prepare themselves and their children for this tricky phase. Parents must address this phase with an open mind and friendly approach.

Puberty books for girls and boys, we think, are an excellent way to initiate the puberty talk with your child. It is the one sure-fire way to provide your teenager with all the approved and safe information about puberty. The internet, not so much as the parental lock on online content, is hard to maintain, and your child might end up interacting with content that is not meant for them. Parents can introduce puberty books to pre-teens to prepare them for what is coming. This will not only save them from any brutal surprises but also prepare them to expect changes with a positive mindset. Once your child has read through the books, you can encourage them to ask any questions they might have. You can then answer their questions in the way you deem fit.

What's happening to me

Even though books are the most reliable way to educate and inform your teen about puberty, it can still be tricky to find trustworthy books. That is precisely why we have curated a list of the best, most-reliable puberty books for teens and made them available here at Books2Door.

What's Happening to Me? Girl By Susan Meredith and What's Happening to Me? Boy By Susan Meredith - both for Ages 9-14. Sensitive and detailed puberty books for boys and girls come in two volumes, targeting both sexes. Written for teen boys, girls and parents, the books tackle vital subjects from the physical changes that occur at this age to the emotional upheavals it can cause. Written and illustrated to make growing up a whole lot easier, these books will prepare your teen for what to expect. From physical changes to emotional challenges, these books address all puberty concerns in a simple yet informative way.

Let's talk

Original, colourful illustrations and diagrams reveal everything young people need to know about the changes they will experience as they approach puberty. The stunning artwork is accompanied by witty yet clear and informative factual text that helps demystify this often confusing and tricky subject. Approved by a team of top-notch consultants, this remarkable and reassuring book is entertaining, approachable, and authoritative.

Let's Talk About the Birds and the Bees: Starting conversations about the facts of life (From how babies are made to puberty and healthy relationships) From the author of How Are You Feeling Today? and Will You Be My Friend? Comes a brand new picture book all about the birds and the bees, a metaphor for sex education for pre-teens. It's natural for young children (and not unusual for younger, early-bloomers) to have questions about their bodies and where they came from. It can, however, be a daunting task for parents to answer honestly so that they understand the subtleties of puberty, sex, reproduction, and relationships whilst also being comfortable with their bodies. This book uses clear, easy-to-understand language to answer complex questions about sex and relationships and covers all tricky subjects from puberty to consent with delicate accuracy and honesty. Filled with bright, fun illustrations and helpful advice for parents and carers, Let's Talk About the Birds and Bees is the perfect book for explaining the facts of life to young teens.

Yet another title of the best puberty books from the Books2Door collection is The Girls' Guide to Growing Up by Anita Naik and The Boys' Guide to Growing Up by Phil Wilkinson. Two volumes, respectively written for boys and girls—these books are friendly, reassuring, positive guides for teens as they approach puberty, explaining the changes that will happen to their bodies as they grow up and how these changes might make them feel. Covering everything from buying the first bra to body hair and vocal changes to mood swings and self-esteem, puberty and parenting expert Phil Wilkinson addresses any worries that teens might have relating to what is 'normal'.

girls guide to growing upboys guide to growing up

He reassures teen readers and boosts their confidence, encouraging them to feel optimistic about the changes they experience as they go through puberty. The book also includes lifestyle advice on topics like healthy eating and exercise and information on how puberty affects girls and boys differently.

Whilst these book titles will undoubtedly help your teenager navigate puberty, you can always keep adding appropriate books to their shelf as they grow into their late teens and beyond. The Body Image Book for Girls : Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless, for instance, is a great book for girls who have recently hit puberty and become little women discovering their sexuality. Similarly, the next step after puberty for boys is also learning to live with their newly discovered boyhood and books like Being You: The Body Image Book for Boys by Charlotte Markey can help them a great deal.

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