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What's Happening to Me? Girl - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Susan Meredith

by Usborne
SKU: B2D2610 ISBN: 9780746069950
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“Look no further: the What's Happening to Me? books are nothing short of brilliant.”

- John Dabell, TES Magazine

This book is perfect for those who are entering teenage-hood and who are struggling to understand the changes happening to them, emotionally, physically, and unexpected changes happening around them. This book is the perfect balance between informative and entertainment, the authors have purposely described various changes in puberty in a fun and sensitive approach which makes the reading journey pleasant. Great for readers of ages 9-14.  We recommend What's happening to me? - Boy for the other ideal book for growing boys, entering teenage-hood. 

The book is accompanied by illustrations and diagrams, these are extremely useful putting topics into perspective which better explains difficult ideas in a simple and direct way. Using fun, lightheartedness and humour, the tone of language naturally attracts readers to the narrator of the book, the book almost serves as a fun companion for developing young people for all the new and complex changes in the body. Tricky subjects like buying a first bra, period pains, tackling mental related problems. The pages are also approved by top consultants which makes for a perfect book that balances informative value, entertainment and life applications. Susan Meredith answers all fundamental questions and body changes, she answers questions in which girls may be too shy or embarrassed to ask about, questions might include health related questions, feelings and emotion, using a tampon, health and hygiene, and an idea about changes in boys. Growing girls will not need to look any further for looking for an ideal all in one book, this book serves just the perfect purpose for them. 

A sensitive, detailed and informative guide to female puberty, this book will prove invaluable for both young girls and their parents alike, tackling key subjects from the physical changes that occur at this time to practical matters, such as buying your first bra. 

Bright, original colour illustrations and diagrams reveal everything young girls need to know about the changes they will experience as they approach puberty. The stunning artwork is accompanied by witty, yet clear and informative factual text that helps to demystify this often confusing and tricky subject. Approved by a team of top-notch consultants, this remarkable and reassuring book is entertaining, approachable and authoritative.