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Books to support positivity for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Books to support positivity for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Providing the ultimate route to escapism, books are the ideal way to relax and unwind with reading presenting its own form of satisfaction for every age. It could be making a new born baby giggle when parents read out loud, school children finishing a chapter in their latest book, or curling up with a real-page turner on a Sunday afternoon. There really is a power book for everyone to release that inner smile.

From 10 – 16th May, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we wanted to give you our top tips on bringing books to life, for every budding young reader.

Did you know?

In carrying out our research, we were saddened to learn that one in eight (12.8%) 5 to 19 year olds had at least one mental health condition when assessed in 2017 (Reading Agency UK). Here at Books2Door, we want to support children through our love for books every day.

Finding a voice

For reluctant readers or those who are a little shy, choosing a kids’ book that sparks their interest can be a great place to start. For younger children, books with a bit of engagement or sensory such as the Peep Inside Collection or famous ‘That’s Not My’ books can work wonders. These cover a range of animals, vehicles and places with flaps to lift and textures to touch that toddlers will really enjoy. As they learn something new, these books can bring a positive vibe for both parents and children.

A little more conversation

Using books are a fantastic way to cover topics, emotions and even everyday situations that sometimes can’t quite be explained when faced with the never ending ‘why’ question. It’s not uncommon to turn to books for everyday experiences when potty training, to learn phonics and even stories that cover playgroup, going to the park or playing with friends. The Topsy and Tim 10 Set Collection perfect for this, it even covers having nits! 

Feelings and emotions

There has been an impressive increase in books that cover topics that children are really responsive to. Kids’ books are wonderful at covering a range of inner emotions or the norms and values of society such as politeness or friendship. These books help to tackle taboo topics, diversity and cultures - providing a fun yet informative way to drive conversations among children and parents. 

Laugh out loud  

Underpants, gangsta grannies and burps. It doesn’t get any funnier than some of these bestselling books guaranteed to bring out the best in every child, from toddlers to teens. Some of these collections will provide everyday entertainment that helps children to escape from their day to day, or add a little humour to their routine. It could making the school day more adventurous or teaming up with friends on a mission, books provide a realm of possibilities that tap into the minds of their audience. 

Last but not least

Check out our round up of top 10 books for emotions and positive wellbeing that cover a range of topics:

  1. Pablo’s Feelings – Pablo is autistic and he sees the world in a different way, following his brilliant story.
  2. David Walliams – just about every one of his books will give plenty of laugh-out-loud humour
  3. Winnie The Pooh – there’s no one who quite values friendship like the nation’s favourite bear.
  4. Mindful Kids Activity Set – brilliant at covering a range of topics from feeling scared to staying strong
  5. First Experiences – the loveable Topsy and Tim explain everything
  6. Wipe and Clean – a really interactive way to approach numbers and letters that encourage children to write.
  7. The Teenage Guide to Stress - Essential reading for teenagers and the adults who care about them.
  8. Captain Underpants – hilarious and heroic, this collection will bring out every child’s inner superhero!
  9. Ravi’s Roar – a big bright feeling’s book that gently tackles anger, no wonder it was an award winner. Check out more books by Tom Percival in this series.
  10. I Feel Happy – here to teach little ones all about this big emotion. There are more books to cover even more emotions by DK Publishing. 
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