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Shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year & Children's Bookseller of the Year
Shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year & Children's Bookseller of the Year

Zoes Rescue Zoo 10 Books Collection Set By Amelia Cobb - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

SKU: B2D2905-FBA-UK-ZoesRescue10bks ISBN: 9781839942709
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Titles in This Set :

1. The Puzzled Penguin
2. The Lonely Lion Cub
3. The Playful Panda
4. The Silky Seal Pup 
5. The Eager Elephant 
6. The Lucky Snow Leopard
7. The Pesky Polar Bear 
8. The Cuddly Koala
9. The Wild Wolf Pup 
10. The Happy Hippo

Description :

The Puzzled Penguin
The cutest baby penguin has just arrived at the zoo. But Zoe thinks there’s something puzzling about the little animal. He just doesn’t seem to know he’s a penguin!

The Lonely Lion Cub
A tiny abandoned lion cub has been rescued and brought to the zoo. He’s scared and he’s lonely.

The Playful Panda
Zoe adores the zoo’s gorgeous new baby pandas. They’re twins! But how will she tell them apart?

The Silky Seal Pup
A sad little seal pup arrives at the zoo. But how can Zoe welcome him and make him feel at home if the zoo might be closing down?

The Eager Elephant
Zoe can’t believe how playful the new baby elephant is! But rushing about everywhere can be dangerous, and one day he gets into big trouble…

The Lucky Snow Leopard
Zoe’s very excited about some festive new arrivals. But the little snow leopard doesn’t want to be a big brother.

The Pesky Polar Bear
It’s birthday time at the rescue zoo! Snowy the polar bear has lots of party ideas and is being a bit bossy.

The Cuddly Koala
The new koala cub is so cute but SO clumsy! Zoe’s worried he’ll fall out of his eucalyptus tree, so she comes up with a very cuddly way to help him…

The Wild Wolf Pup
The little wolf pup won’t stop howling. Is he scared? Lonely? Zoe’s got a spooky idea – what if it’s because of Halloween…?

The Happy Hippo
The summer holidays are here! But poor Zoe faces a whole summer away from the Rescue Zoo … unless Henry the happy hippo can help her come up with a brilliant plan!