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Winnie the Pooh Complete Collection 30 Books Box Set - Ages 0-5 - Hardback - A. A. Milne

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The nation's favourite teddy bear has been delighting generations of children for 90 years. Milne's classic children's stories are both heart-warming and funny, teaching lessons of friendship and the magic of children’s imaginations.

Why settle for one Winnie-the-Pooh story, when you can have the complete collection of Alan Alexander Milne’s 30 stories? The Winnie the Pooh collection of stories by A.A. Milne was published in 1926. Milne wrote the stories for his son Christopher whose toy animals were the footing for the characters. Christopher also became the main character that looked after the animals. Winnie the Pooh, sometimes referred as simply Pooh or Edward Bear is delightful, friendly, lovable who very much enjoys lots and lots of honey.

About the author: A. A. Milne began a successful career as a novelist, poet and playwright in the 1920s. The best known works to date is him establishing the ever so famous Winnie the Pooh books. In the 1920s, he began his works in children’s poems and stories, two of which were When We Were Very Young and Gallery of Children which laid the foundations of Winnie the Pooh books. In Milne’s earlier life, he began his career producing a number of plays that made him successful in playwright including The Dover Road and Mr. Pim Passes By, both of which received positive feedback from critics. It wasn’t until he became a father that he began finding a new direction in children's books. Pooh made its first experience in the poem Teddy Bear and was published in 1924 in a magazine. After this, the story book called Winnie the Pooh was then released in 1926 which afterwards followed more books focussed on the adventures of Pooh and its friends. Milne wanted to pursue his writing career in other areas too and began writing stories and other novels which remained popular across Britain. His autobiography It’s Too Late Now was published in 1939.

Winnie the Pooh facts:

  • Illustrator E. H. Shepard’s sketches of Pooh were based on his son’s stuffed bear, a Canadian female black bear.
  • The original toys can be seen at the New York Public Library.
  • The books has been translated into 50 different languages.
  • In a new collection of stories in which to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh in 2016, Pooh made a new friend, Penguin!

Titles in collection:

  • Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees
  • Pooh Goes Visiting and Pooh and Piglet Nearly Catch a Woozle
  • Piglet Meets a Heffalump
  • Eeyore Has a Birthday
  • Kanga and Baby Roo Come to the Forest and Christopher Robin Gives a Party
  • An Expotition to the North Pole
  • Piglet is Entirely Surrounded by Wate
  • Christopher Robin Gives a Party
  • Eeyore Loses a Tail
  • A House is Built at Pooh Corner
  • Tigger Comes to the Forest
  • A Search is Organized
  • Tiggers Don't Climb Trees
  • Rabbit Has a Busy Day
  • Pooh Invents a New Game
  • Tigger is Unbounced
  • Piglet Does a Very Grand Day
  • Eeyore Finds the Wolery
  • Christopher Robin and Pooh Come to an Enchanted Place
  • Pooh’s Poems
  • Christopher Robins Returns to the Forest
  • The Spelling Bee
  • Rabbit Organises Almost Everything
  • It Stops Raining For Ever
  • Pooh Goes in Search of Everything
  • The Game of Cricket
  • Tigger Dreams of Africa
  • The Harvest Festival

The full collection of 30 glorious and enchanting tales from the Hundred Acre Wood, the Winnie-the-Pooh collection from the brilliant A. A. Milne is presented in a unique gift box. Featuring all of Christopher Robin's exploits, these charming hardback stories are enduring literary classics that are bound to delight all ages. Packed full with the adventures of Winnie, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and the gang!

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