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Usborne Lift-The-Flap 4 Book Collection- Words, Colours, Opposites, Numbers - Ages 0-5 - Board Books - Felicity Brooks

SKU: B2D1925 ISBN: 9789526530932
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Usborne have been blessing the world with the very best books to help kids and teenagers develop essential reading skills as well as worldly knowledge. This collection of books will surely keep kids entertained whilst they develop their reading skills, each book includes lots of fun flaps for kids to read and each individual page will surprise readers with new scenes. The books will teach kids about words, numbers, colours and more. The artwork are stylistically done and each scene and character is happy and adorable to keep kids going page by page, the books are fantastic for ages 3+ and will help kids enjoy the world of reading. This book set will let young readers learn about matching words, pictures and objects. Some of the fundamentals will be taught in these books such as recognizing essential letters and words and providing kids a way to grasp language for the first time. The illustrations are accompanied with vocabulary and with more than 60 flaps to enjoy. 

Included are fun activities, engaging stories, and will help kids with expanding their minds with new concepts and situations. This set will also teach children about simple puzzles and fun games to solve, there are counting games like counting zebra, monkeys and flamingos. The puzzles within each book is a fun method for kids to continue their reading and learning and this repetition will become a good habit for kids to develop. The Usborne series is a perfect Home Learning publisher of books, make sure to browse our Early Learning and Educational Material categories for more useful books. We are happy to be providing kids books for young readers, parents and tutors all around the world since 2004. 

Lift the Flap Word Book

With lots of flaps to lift, this charming book lets young children have fun matching words and pictures. It's the ideal way to give beginner readers practice in word recognition and also provides plenty for pre-readers to find, name and talk about.

Lift the Flap Colours Book

A book about colours for preschool children. It comes with flaps to lift and lots of lovely colour vocabulary. with over 60 flaps to lift, this delightful book help children to learn about colours in fun way. there are naming matching and counting activities, and there's plenty for pre readers to talk about too.

Lift-the-Flap Opposites

Learning about opposites is a vital pre-school skill, and this interactive book is an engaging introduction to the idea that helps enrich a young person's vocabulary. with over 60 flaps to lift, this engaging book help children to learn about opposite in a fun way. there are spotting and naming activities, and there are spotting and naming activities, and there's plenty for pre-readers to talk about

Lift-the-Flap Number

This charming, lift-the-flap board book helps children learn about numbers with simple puzzles to solve on every page. Children can count the flamingos, zebras and monkeys at the zoo, find the cows on the farm, match rockets in space to their home planets and more - and lift the flaps to discover the answers.

The Usborne Lift-The-Flap 4 book collection by Felicity Brooks is a fantastic set for any developing children. With lots of flaps to lift, this 4 book collection helps children engage in learning about words, numbers, opposite's and colours. The friendly illustrations and colourful characters make learning fun and exciting. This set is ideal for developing children aged 3+.