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Usborne First Phonics Reading Library 20 Books - Ages 0-5 - Paperback

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My First Phonics Reading Library from Usborne is a fantastic introduction to the broader world of reading. These books use simple rhyming language and essential vocabulary to help kids learn how the sounds they make relate to the words on the page. Every volume in this twenty book collection is fully illustrated, with fourteen by David Semple and six by Fred Blunt. Kids will love their charming styles and vibrant use of colour, and their love will make them want to learn. 

Among the many funny stories are Underpants for Ants, where a mouse has to knit underwear for the chilly ants. There’s also Spider in a Glider, where the intelligent arachnid inventor has to turn her many hands to heroism. And who could forget Seal at the Wheel, where a speeding seal learns the hard way about careful driving. All these unforgettable tales and more are included in this set. The stories are written by Russell Punter, Lesley Simms, and Mairi Mackinnon with care and humour.

Children will love exploring these stories that will help them learn how words work together in sentences. They'll be able to build their vocabulary while learning about animals, colours, shapes and more. Your child will love each story as they learn in an engaging manner that keeps them entertained throughout the entire book. This collection is perfect for parents who want their kids to grow up loving books as much as they do. And it's never too early to start building those lifelong skills!

Usborne has been a trusted publisher of children’s books for nearly fifty years. They collaborate with literacy experts to make sure their books follow the latest educational guidance. My First Phonics Reading Library brings together twenty stories in a great value collection, the perfect kickstart to any child’s reading career.

We stock many other terrific educational books and non-fiction perfect for studying at home or supporting what they’re learning at school or nursery. When they’ve finished this set, your kid can move onto the Usborne Reading Programme or one of the many other reading libraries that we stock.

Titles in the set:

  • Cow Takes a Bow
  • Snail Brings the Mail
  • Bee Makes Tea
  • Underpants for Ants
  • Croc Gets a Shock
  • Crow in the Snow
  • Spider in a Glider
  • Seal at the Wheel
  • Ape's Great Escape
  • Chimp with a Limp
  • Hyena Ballerina
  • Giraffe in the Bath
  • Goat in a Boat
  • Bug in a Rug
  • Kangaroo at the Zoo
  • Mole in a Hole
  • Lizard in a Blizzard
  • Flamingo plays Bingo
  • Raccoon on the Moon
  • Llamas in Pyjamas

From the publisher

From a raccoon who's off to the moon to a hyena who longs to become a ballerina, our Phonics Readers are a delight to share with young children.

Specially designed to develop essential language and early reading, each entertaining story has simple rhyming text and stylish illustrations throughout. Containing 20 Phonics Readers favourites, My First Phonics Reading Library is a wonderful way of introducing little ones to this ever-popular series.

Cow Takes a Bow

When Brown Cow visits the circus, she puts on a surprise performance. She slips, trips, drops things and loses her hat - but the ringmaster is thrilled!

Snail Brings the Mail

Hooray for snail! He brings the mail... but he’s ever so slow! A hilarious story fun to share aloud together, or for children to tackle on their own. Reliable snail never fails to deliver the mail, but can he make it on time?

Bee Makes Tea

Bee makes tea for Queen Bee’s birthday.

Underpants for Ants

The ants are feeling a bit chilly – can Mouse help with her knitting skills?

Croc Gets a Shock

Croc is late for everything, even her own birthday party! She sleeps through her alarm, misses the bus, and what's worse, she has the hiccups. A surprise birthday present may be just what she needs...

Crow in the Snow

Crow picks up sticks, some stones and cones… And look- a crow made out of snow.

Spider in a Glider

Spider wishes she could fly, so she builds her very own glider. But when danger strikes, can Spider save the day?

Seal at the Wheel

Seal loves her new speed boat, but she keeps going too fast! Can she learn to be more careful?

Ape's Great Escape

Ape’s in chains for stealing grapes. He has a cunning scheme to escape, but will the prison guards catch him?

Chimp with a Limp

Cheeky Chimp has a limp…or does he? Follow his extremely tall tale as he explains why he cannot possibly help Cheetah.

Hyena Ballerina

Hyena longs to become a ballerina, but will her dreams come true?

Giraffe in the Bath

Giraffe is all set for a soak in the tub after a hard day’s work – but no one will leave her in peace!

Goat in a Boat

Goat rows his boat around the moat. He sits and gazes at his float. It sinks. He blinks. “A fish!” he thinks.

Bug in a Rug

A funny picture book featuring a madcap story about a bug who just wants to get snug in his rug, which uses phonic repetition to help children learn to read.

Kangaroo at the Zoo

What a hullabaloo, someone new at the zoo! How do you do? I’m a kangaroo!

Mole in a Hole

Hay Mole! Rabbit Shouts. “you’re digging my carrots. They’re all popping out!”

Lizard in a Blizzard

Lizard has decided to make a snow machine. The trouble is, once it starts to snow, he can’t make it stop...

Flamingo plays Bingo

Flamingo can’t wait to play jungle bingo! But who will be crowned winner?

Raccoon on the Moon

“Goodbye!” cries Raccoon, “I’m off to the moon. I’ll be back by lunchtime, or late afternoon.” Goose grins and she giggles. “You foolish Raccoon!”

Llamas in Pyjamas

Sam, Ali and Charlie all yell with delight, there’s a creepy sleepover at Frankie’s tonight! They pick out pyjamas with stripes, spots and dots, with their packs on their backs off to Frankie’s they trot.