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Usborne Beginners History 10 Books 9-14- Hardback

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This amazing collection of books by Usborne is one of a kind, packed with 10 fantastic books of facts, information and useful historical data. For instance, in the book for Stone Age, we have some exciting pages about some of the stone tools which were used for various reasons. Some of the stones crafted from the Stone Age include certain shaped rocks which were used for hunting, cutting, slicing meats and plants, these were often placed on hand axes. There were also sharp pointed stones used for arrows which were designed for hunting wild animals, these were sharp stone tips with extra sharpened points for killing. People in the Stone Age also used scraper stones which were designed for cleaning animal skins and for making clothing. The stone crafting masters in the Stone Age were considered very important individuals, they were people who deserved to sit next to the campfire in the warmth, whilst they craft the special stones and equipment. The master craftsmanship was very crucial for the people back in this era and was also very hard work, each stone was chipped and shaped into very specific shapes to fulfill its purposes. At the beginning of the process, the tool makers would pick a suitable stone for crafting and these stones would need to meet the requirements of weight, size, type and shape. The next process involved using a harder rock to chip the shape and hammer off the larger pieces. The last stage would be using an antler to scrape off smaller parts of the stone. 

In this collection, we have The Maya. The Maya were a very unique and interesting part of history with its own customs and traditions. Each individual Maya city had their own ruler or king, these were called “ajaw” and what you might expect - rich and powerful. There are many stone carvings, representing different roles and personalities of the Maya group. One such Maya was called a Shield Jaguar and these were people who fought in battle. Prior to war, the ajaw would perform special dances and attend special ceremonies in order to please their gods, there were also special rituals whereby ajaw people would pierce their skin, taking their blood and offering this to the gods to receive blessings. Shield Jaguar would wear helmets shaped like a jaguar’s head and these are protective helmets for battles. 

Some of the interesting facts readers will learn from this set includes many topics on the area of history hidden deep within. Oftentimes, historical items such as artefacts, armour, jewellery, bones and more things would be buried deep within the Earth layered on top by mud, soils, plants, buildings and dirt. Now with so many experts spending so many years digging within the Earth, we are discovering more and more about our past, which you can happily learn about in this complete selection of books. Some of the topics included that the set would cover includes: signs and clues, digging within, grand palaces and huts, mysterious people and tribes, buried towns, art from thousands of years ago, underwater findings, ancient tombs, war tales, structures, the calendar, unique architecture, preservation of the past, websites to visit to find out more. Be sure to browse our Usborne and Bestsellers category for more fantastic books.

Stone Age
This simple information book follows the history of Stone Age people and how they lived.

Iron Age
This simple information book charts the history of Iron Age people and how they lived, including their farming methods, the gods they prayed to and the hill forts where they lived.

Who were the ancient Egyptians? Why did they build pyramids and how were mummies made?

Ancient Greeks
Find out about Ancient Greece, what people wore, ate and did for fun and learn about some of the most famous philosophers and mathematicians of the age in this compelling book for beginner readers.

Who were the Celts exactly? Did you know they lived on top of hills? Do you have any idea how Celtic warriors made themselves look really scary in battle?

Who were the ancient Romans? Where did they go to eat, shop and wash? What did they do for fun?

The Maya
Who were the Maya? Where did they live? Why did they build tall stone temples?

Find out what it was like to be a Viking, and learn about Viking homes, feasts, boats, gods and much more in this fascinating book.

Who lived in a castle, and what was it like? Children can find out the answers to these questions and lots more about the wonderful world of castles in this informative book.

Digging Up the Past
How do ancient things get buried? Who digs them up? And what do they find? Beginner readers can find answers to these questions and more in this colourful information book.

Titles in This Set

  • Stone Age
  • Iron Age
  • Ancient Greeks
  • The Maya
  • Digging Up the Past