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Unicorn Magic Enchanted Valley 12 Book Set Collection By Daisy Meadows - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

SKU: B2D3551 ISBN: 9781408366271
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Title In This Set : 

1. Dawnblaze Saves Summer
2. Shimmerbreeze and the Sky Spell
3. Glitterhoof's Secret Garden
4. Sparklesplash Meets the Mermaids
5. Silvermane Saves the Stars
6. Dreamspell's Special Wish
7. Slumbertail & The Sleep Pixies
8. Brighteye & the Blue Moon
9. Quickhoof and the Golden Cup
10. Brightblaze Makes a Splash
11. Fairtail and the Perfect Puzzle
12. Spiritmane and the Hidden Magic

Description :

Dawnblaze Saves Summer
Aisha and her parents are moving to Enchanted Cottage, where spellbinding secrets are hidden in every corner. Soon Aisha and her new friend Emily are whisked to a magical, faraway realm, where they meet the unicorns of Enchanted Valley. But the unicorns are in trouble, and they need the girls' help...

Shimmerbreeze and the Sky Spell
In the faraway land of Aisha and Emily are learning all about unicorn magic. But when the evil unicorn Selena steals Shimmerbreeze the Sky Unicorn's special locket, the beautiful air of the kingdom is polluted! Can the girls help Shimmerbreeze find the locket and save the skies?

Glitterhoof's Secret Garden
Emily and Aisha are learning all about the plants and trees in Enchanted Valley's magical garden. But when Selena steals Glitterhoof 's magical locket, the land is struck by a terrible earthquake! The girls must help get the locket back and restore safety for the garden's magical creatures.

Sparklesplash Meets the Mermaids
Sparklesplash's special magic ensures there's enough water for all of Enchanted Valley. But when the evil unicorn Selena steals her locket, a terrible drought hits the kingdom! Aisha, Emily and Sparklesplash must work with the mermaids to help the rivers flow freely once more.

Silvermane Saves the Stars
Silvermane's special magic makes the stars in the skies above Unicorn Valley shine bright. But when the evil unicorn Selena steals her locket, everything goes dark! Aisha and Emily must help Silvermane put the sparkle back in the night sky.

Dreamspell's Special Wish
When the wicked unicorn Selena steals Dreamspell's magical locket, all the creatures of Enchanted Valley start having nightmares! Can Aisha, Emily and Dreamspell rescue the locket and make sure everyone has sweet dreams?

Slumbertail & The Sleep Pixies
Slumbertail's magic locket has been stolen by Selena, the bad unicorn. Now no one in Enchanted Valley can fall asleep! Can Emily and Aisha work together with the sleep pixies to stop the unicorn's slumber party from being a disaster?
Brighteye & the Blue Moon
The creatures of Enchanted Valley are getting ready for a wonderful campfire party to celebrate the Blue Moon due to appear that night - but the moon vanishes! With the help of the unicorn Brighteye and their new friend Milo the moonwolf, Aisha and Emily are determined to stop the evil unicorn Selena's latest wicked plot …

Quickhoof and the Golden Cup
In Enchanted Valley, the unicorns are getting ready for a special sports festival. But when the wicked unicorn Selena steal's Quickhoof's teamwork locket, all the football teams fall apart! Can Emily, Aisha and their unicorn friends work as as a team to save the big match?

Brightblaze Makes a Splash
Brightblaze's magic locket has been stolen by the horrible unicorn Selena, who wants to ruin the big swimming gala. Now even the best swimmers have lost their confidence in the pool. Emily and Aisha must find the precious locket so that everyone can dive in for a splash-tastic adventure in the pool!

Fairtail and the Perfect Puzzle
When the wicked unicorn Selena steals Fairtail's sportsmanship locket, everyone forgets how to play fair. Now all the games are being spoiled by players cheating! Can Emily, Aisha and their unicorn friends find the locket and save the day?

Spiritmane and the Hidden Magic
There's trouble in Enchanted Valley when Spiritmane's magic locket is stolen. Spots and games everyone gives up as soon as the going gets tough. Will the big game of magical hide and seek have to be abandoned? Only Emily and Aisha can see this challenge through!