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Shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year & Children's Bookseller of the Year
Shortlisted for Book Retailer of the Year & Children's Bookseller of the Year

Totally Brilliant Collection 5 Books Box set - Age 7-9 - Paperback

SKU: B2D0994 ISBN: 9781407120850
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Titles in this set:

  • Crashing Computers
  • Gobsmacking Galaxy
  • Riotous Robots
  • Deadly Dinosaurs
  • Awesome Archaeology

Crashing Computers  

Tells the interactive story of the computer from its three ton inception to the palm-top. This title provides information on things you wanted to know, including if computers really are cleverer than you and why do computers crash?  

Gobsmacking Galaxy

Offers information about our galaxy and beyond. This book lets readers embark on a tour of the solar system, go skiing on Mars and meet the sad creature from Pluto. It also contains facts about red giants, white dwarves and supernovas.

Riotous Robots

Riotous Robots are taking over the world. First they were a figment of our imaginations. Then they started to replace large numbers of people in factories. Now they're doing our housework and performing brain-surgery. This title introduces readers a robot that's forced to snack on slugs for a living and a robo-alligator that works as a scarecrow.  

Deadly Dinosaurs

Helps readers learn about some of the amazing animals that have ever existed. Featuring the mysteries the palaeontologists are dying to solve, dinosaur disasters, and rotten relics like dino-dung, this title contains cartoons and quizzes.

Awesome Archaeology

Delves into the awesome world of archaeology to discover sinister tombs, sunken wrecks and hidden caves. This guide features archaeological facts and hilarious cartoons.