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Tom Gates Series Collection 6 Books 11 to 16 - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Liz Pichon

SKU: B2D2561 ISBN: 9781407193533
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Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans

The bestselling fully-illustrated Tom Gates series is back with a new book! This book is VERY important because it contains BISCUITS, BANDS and all my (doodled) plans to make DogZombies the BEST band in the world.


  •  Write more songs about VERY important things like... ... biscuits
  •  Make sure there's a good supply of SNACKS for our band practice
  •  Avoid Delia at ALL COSTS, she thinks I've been SNOOPING in her room. (I have.)
  • DOODLE as much as possible, especially if Marcus is watching
  • Family, Friends and Furry Creatures

In the next hilarious illustrated instalment of Tom Gates, Mr Fullerman has a class assignment: a family tree! Tom's ready to learn all about the Gates family, his friends and a furry creature (or two!). But just what *is* that squeaking sound coming from Tom's shoes?

Dogzombies Rule for now

Here's my EXCELLENT PLAN to make DogZombies the BEST band in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! How hard can it be? (Very.) Right now I'm going to: 1. Write more songs. (Not about teachers.) 2. Make a SPECTACULAR music video. (Easy.) 3. Get some sleep. (Tricky when you're being kept awake by LOUD NOISES.) 4. Annoy Delia. (Nothing to do with DOGZOMBIES but always FUN.)

Epic Adventure

The brand new hilarious and fully-illustrated instalment of the bestselling Tom Gates series! Having two sets of grandparents is turning out to be very good for me. The Wrinklies are keen on giving presents AND they're planning a family outing which is going to be EPIC! Even Delia wants to come. (I can always ignore her.)

What Monster?

What's that? A MONSTER? How has this scary beast escaped into Tom's sort-of-normal world? Is it one of his doodles? Is it Delia on the rampage? Is it Mr Fullerman at full moon? For now it's a secret, but all will (eventually) be revealed in this book. So, what do we actually know for sure? There will be laughs. There will be doodles. There will be all the bonkers excitement and brilliance that have launched Tom's books to global fame.

Mega Make and Do and Stories too

When Oakfield School is unexpectedly closed, what's Tom and the gang to do?!? A weeks' worth of drawing, doodling, games, stories and activities in this fantastic new illustrated offering from bestselling author of the Tom Gates series, Liz Pichon!

Liz Pichon Tom Gates 6 Books Collection Set Mixed Format

1. Dog Zombies Rule (for Now) - Paperback

2. Family, Friends and Furry Creatures - Paperback

3. Biscuits. Bands and Very Big Plans - Paperback

4. Epic Adventure (kind of) - Paperback

5. What Monster? - Hardcover

6. Mega Make and Do and Stories too - Hardcover