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The Worlds Worst Children 3 Book Collection - Ages 7-9 - Hardback - David Walliams

SKU: B2D1743 ISBN: 9789123600151
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The Worlds Worst Children
From the worlds favourite author, David Walliams ten cautionary tales and a delightfully dreadful cast of characters; all in a gorgeously gifty FULL COLOUR format!
Are you ready to meet the Worlds Worst Children? Five beastly boys and five gruesome girls!
Like Sofia Sofa a TV super-fan so stuck to the sofa that shes turning into one!
Or Dribbling Drew a boy whose drool gets him into trouble on a school trip!
And not forgetting Blubbering Bertha a girl who bawls and tells terrible tales!
Also featuring a special appearance from fan-favourite Raj!
From Number One bestselling author David Walliams comes this collection of wickedly funny, deliciously mischievous tales, illustrated in glorious colour by the artistic genius Tony Ross.

The Worlds Worst Children 2
The brilliant follow-up to David Walliams bestseller The Worlds Worst Children! Ten more stories about a brand new gang of hilariously horrible kids from everyones favourite childrens author, illustrated in glorious full colour by Tony Ross.
If you thought you had read about the Worlds Worst Children already, youre in for a rather nasty shock. The beastly boys and gruesome girls in this book are even ruder, even more disgusting and WORSE than you could ever imagine!
This gorgeous hardback collection of ten stories from the master himself, David Walliams, will make you snort with laughter and thank your lucky stars that you dont know anyone like Gruesome Griselda or Fussy Frankie in real life. It also features a special appearance from fan-favourite Raj! Gloriously illustrated in full colour throughout by artistic genius Tony Ross, The Worlds Worst Children 2 is a side-splitting companion to Davids blockbuster hit, The Worlds Worst Children, and the perfect gift for kids aged 9 and up.
The Worlds Worst Children 3
From the phenomenal number-one bestseller David Walliams comes another collection of more hilariously horrible children! Illustrated in glorious and gruesome colour by artist genius, Tony Ross, these stories will appal and delight young readers.


From the world's favourite author, David Walliams, brings together this 3 book set of The World's Worst Children. If you are looking for the worst children in the whole world then look no further. These children get into all sorts of mischief, from the laziness of dribbling Drew, to Humbert hungry baby. These children will make any child look like angels. This is a fantastic read for children aged 7-9 and perfect for fans of David Walliams and the funny illustrations of Tony Ross.