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The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia New Edition - Ages 5-7 - Hardback - Usborne

by Usborne
SKU: B2D1108 ISBN: 9781409577669
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Usborne had built themselves a fantastic reputation of publishing some of the very best books in the world that are geared towards helping kids develop essential reading skills. Each book that Usborne publishes are carefully crafted and put together to ensure kids can level up their reading ability step by step without facing too much trouble. Right here, we have The Usborne Children’s Encyclopaedia New Edition. This book serves as a reference book for young readers, children who are wanting to acquire relevant information on the world around them which covers nature, countries and cities, the animal kingdom, our environment and the natural habitat, weather and general knowledge of the world, this book will fill that role. More than 1500 vibrant photos and pictures, 650 website links that take you to even more information on the world around us. This book also contains QR codes which takes readers to 150 videos of the universe, animals and places around the world. Website links contained in this book will provide kids with endless hours of fun, games, activities and puzzles. The pages within this book will stimulate readers' brains and broaden their horizons of the world, by reading on different themes such as Art, Technology and History, it will give kids knowledge at a young age for them to explore further later on. 

This book will also help children engage with more exciting as well as deeper conversation with parents with worldly general knowledge. This book is one of our all time bestselling books and thanks to Usborne’s amazing writing and design, the book had continually to entertain and educate readers with some of the most detailed diagrams, content, facts and information of different topics, kids will surely impress peers during class after gaining the knowledge from this exciting encyclopaedia. It is just amazing that Usborne have created books for ages 0-5, ages 5-7 all the way up to ages 9-14, with so much value contained in a single book, we are truly lucky to have the awesome titles for such affordable prices by Usborne. From maps, charts, detailed graphs, in-depth research, photographs and drawings, the book uses all forms of media to educate readers, the book dives deep into all the countries, maps of the world and the latest information so young readers can stay informed of the world in this day and age. 

A reference book for young readers covering a wide range of topics from art and animals to new technology. Arranged thematically and illustrated with over 1500 photos, illustrations and diagrams. QR codes allow readers to access hundreds of carefully selected websites, downloadable pictures and quizzes - straight to a mobile phone or tablet.