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The Ultimate Pokemon Go Handbook

SKU: B2D0718 ISBN: 9781783122868
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Section 1-Hints,Tips, Secrets and Cheats

4-5 Ready, Steady, Pokémon Go! (introduction);6-7 Catching Pokémon 1; 8-9 Catching Pokémon 2, 10-11 Catching Pokémon 3; 12-13 How to gain XP Fast; 14-15 Level up; 16-17 Pokestops;18-19 Power up; 20-21 Hatching Eggs; 22-23 Record Breakers; 24-25 Team; 26-27 Gym Time 1; 28-29 Gym Time 2 ;30-31 Battling 1 ;32-33 Battling 2; 34-35 Battling 3; 36-37 Healing Pokémon; 38-39 Ultimate Secrets; 40-41 Test Your Knowledge

Section 2-Spy

42-79 Fill in the details of all 140+ Pokémon: where you caught them, their CP Level, and how they performed in the battle

This is your one-stop shop for all essential info about the most talked about game in the world.

Part 1 of the book is filled with hints, tips and facts that will help you make the most of the app-soon you'll have mastered the basics and will be ready to delve into more advanced tactics and strategies

Part 2 is a non digital logbook for players to record their Pokemon catches in. you can jot down where you caught them, what their combat power (CP) level is, and how they did in battle, can you catch, em all?

This colourful unofficial guide to the game is one of the first on the market-it will make fantastic self-purchased by Pokemon-hungry gamers, as well as a perfect gift purchase by parents and grand parents

As of 10 August, the App is available in over 60 Countries, with more release coming soon

The cute Pokemon character appeal to young and old-children coming to the game for the first time, and adult reminiscing about when they played the game or watched the TV show many years ago