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The Ultimate Peppa Pig Collection 50 Books Box Set - Ages 0-5 - Paperback - Ladybird

by Penguin
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Peppa Pig is a cute and loved bossy little pig that is loved by young children all over the world! She is a four year old and lives with Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and her younger brother called George. A great collection for ages 0-5 and one of our superb bestsellers! Following this cute family is fun and all the daily activities of Peppa Pig and friends will relate to many children around the world! Let’s talk about some of the books found in this huge collection.

This binge-worthy book collection is guaranteed to take prime position on any child’s bookshelf. The Ultimate Peppa Pig 50 Book Set includes one hit story after another, brought to life with stunning illustrations – just like the characters on tv. Encapsulated in a stunning hard box, the 50 kids’ books in this collection are a wonderful addition to a child’s growing library making this a wonderful treat for your own little ones, or as a gift for someone special.

Ideal for reluctant readers to expand their literary horizons, this familiar and joyful set of kids’ books is aimed at children aged 0-5 with a collection of short stories that follow the most famous family of pigs in the world. Packed full of adventure, mischief and plenty of fun, these kids’ books are a little great pick me up for young readers who will enjoy the laughter and adventures from Peppa, her brother George and of course, their group of lovable friends including Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit and Zoe Zebra to name a few. The stories also relate to daily routines and scenarios including going to playgroup, swimming or visiting the dentist which can support a child’s learning or provide situations that they are familiar with. 

Parents will enjoy reading these stories aloud, using accents or impressions of the characters that they have seen on tv and no doubt, children will soon be joining in. Each book in the series is around twelve to fourteen pages long and small enough to read on the go. Pack a couple in the car for trips, in the backpack or keep at home for the perfect bedtime read. The great news is that these books don’t need to be read in any particular order so with an incredible 50 books to choose from, the tough decision for children will be deciding which one to read first!

Titles in This Set:

  • Peppa plays basketball
  • Ballet Lesson
  • The Fancy dress party
  • Horsey Twinkle Toes
  • Mr Fox's Shop
  • The Naughty Tortoise
  • Pedro's Pirate Treasure
  • The Rainbow
  • The Train Ride
  • The Wishing Well
  • The Toy Cupboard
  • A Trip to the Moon
  • Daddy Pig's Lost Keys
  • Daddy Pig's Office
  • Dentist Trip
  • Peppa Pig's family computer
  • Peppa's first glasses
  • Bicycle race
  • Fun at the Fair
  • George and the noisy Baby
  • George catches a Cold
  • George's first day at Playgroup
  • George's Balloon
  • George's new Dinosaur
  • Grampy Rabbit in Space
  • Cold Winter day
  • Miss Rabbit's Day off
  • Garden Games
  • Nature Trail
  • Daddy Pig's old Chair
  • Peppa goes Camping
  • Peppa goes Boating
  • Peppa goes on Holiday
  • Peppa goes Skiing
  • Peppa goes Swimming
  • Peppa's Circus
  • New Shoes
  • Peppa's New Neighbours
  • Peppa's Sandpit
  • Peppa plays Football
  • The story of Prince George
  • Peppa meets the Queen
  • Recycling Fun!
  • School Bus Trip
  • Peppa's first Sleepover
  • Sports Day
  • Stars
  • The Children's Fete
  • Tiny Creatures
  • Tooth Fairy

In Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes Swimming, it shows the terrifying moments for children when they first walk into a swimming pool and step inside the water. In this story, Peppa Pig’s younger brother George is nervous and afraid of adapting to his first swimming experiences. This story can help children who are first learning how to swim, it tells the joy and pleasant times that comes with swimming, and it is a fantastic book to read to your child which can hopefully encourage them to be fearless of the waters.

In Peppa Pig: Peppa’s First Glasses, the story brings you along to a funny adventure to the opticians. Your child may be visiting the opticians for the first time whether for a checkup or to get their first glasses, and this book will show them what sort of situation awaits them. In the book, Peppa’s friend Pedro the Pony wears glasses, Peppa’s mother Mummy Pig brings Peppa to see Pedro’s father, an optician called Mr Pony. Peppa enjoys her experience trying all sorts of different glasses in various colours and designs, Peppa also reads different letters on the wall chart and has an amazing time!

In Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes on Holiday Peppa Pig and George packs up their luggage and essentials and goes onto a new adventure off in Italy, they step into the aeroplane for the first time ever and goes off to see the wonders of this new culture, new food and new sights and landscape. Each experience is new and brings more excitement, they step inside an airport and it stretches into the distance from end to end, and languages they’ve never heard before as well as weather they’ve never felt either. In this beautiful journey, it shows children the enthusiasm and bliss which could be found on a journey abroad. 

In George’s First Day at Playgroup, it tells the story of George and his nerve wracking emotional ride when attending his first ever day at Playgroup. This is a perfect book for young children who are currently feeling nervous or anxious about the things they might face in nursery or preschool but this book will hopefully make them feel at ease. It’s George’s first day to join his older sister Peppa in Playgroup, everybody is concerned about whether George can settle in nicely but soon they find that George has no trouble adapting to the new surroundings as he takes part in every game and activity!

In Peppa Pig: Peppa’s First Sleepover, it takes you on Peppa’s first time visiting a friend, Zoe the Zebra who invited Peppa and many other friends to her house for a sleepover. Peppa has never spent a night at a friends house before and it’s her first time staying overnight at a new place away from home. This will talk about the delicious midnight snacks and night time stories among friends and will give children an idea of what to expect in a sleepover over friends house.  

The Peppa Pig Ultimate collection features 50 amazing story books from everyone’s favourite pig. Join Peppa Pig and friends on many adventures including Peppa Plays Basketball, My Naughty Tortoise and Daddy Pig's Office. This collection is perfect for Peppa Pig lovers.