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The Chronicles of Brothers 3 Book Collection - Young Adult - Paperback - Wendy Alec

SKU: B2D2223 ISBN: 9789124368944
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Titles In Set

  • The Fall of Lucifer
  • The First Judgement
  • Son of Perdition
The Fall of Lucifer

Three Archangels ... Three Brothers ... One turned renegade ... A sweeping epic of origins and mysteries, The Fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself. Set in opulent palaces and frightening hell worlds, this is a timeless saga of doubt, of demons and angelic warriors, of obsessive love and treason, and of an ancient evil that knows no bounds.

The First Judgement

The second trilogy introduces three earthly brothers, the De Vere dynasty, Nick, the playboy dying of aids: Jason, media mogul: Adrian, newly inaugurated president of the European Union. One is Lucifer's clone, his vehicle to unleashing the fallens ferocious war to conquer the race of men.

Son of Perdition

Is the eagerly anticipated third novel in the Chronicles of Brothers series of novels.The four horseman of the Apocalypse ride....The first seal of revelation is broken. The angelic portals are opened. The End of Days has begun....It is 1981. Thirteen ruling families of the Illuminati gather in the city of London...thirteen ruling warlock high priests.

Wendy Alec presents a fantasy adventure full of archangels, royalty and betrayals with the Chronicles of Brothers 3 book collection. This is the story of three brothers Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer, all fighting for the future of humanity. From desert tombs, to the towers of Wall Street, to the ancient past, this fantastic collection is perfect for young adults and fans of fantasy thrillers.