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The China Thrillers The Complete 6 Books Collection by Peter May - Adult - Paperback

SKU: B2D1742 ISBN: 9781787476837
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Titles in Set:
  • The Firemaker
  • The Fourth Sacrifice
  • The Killing Room
  • Snakehead
  • The Runner
  • Chinese Whispers


    The Firemaker
    A grotesquely burned corpse found in a city park is a troubling mystery for Beijing detective Li Yan. Yan, devoted to his career as a means of restoring the respect his family lost during the Cultural Revolution, needs outside help if he is to break the case.

    The Fourth Sacrifice
    The Chinese police have once more been forced to enlist the services of American forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell: this time to investigate a series of four horrific ritual executions that have taken place in Beijing.

    The Killing Room
    When a mass grave containing eighteen mutilated female corpses is discovered in Shanghai, detective Li Yan is sent from Beijing to establish if the bodies are linked to an unsolved murder in the capital. Here, Li will be working with Mei Ling, deputy head of Shanghai's serious crime squad.

    SUFFOCATED:A vehicle crammed with dozens of dead Chinese immigrants is found in southern Texas. Pathologist Margaret Campbell must put aside her horror, and find out why.

    The Runner
    A prodigious Chinese swimmer kills himself on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. Days later, a champion weightlifter suffers a fatal heart attack prior to competition.Detective Li Yan senses a conspiracy surrounding the fatalities, and finds a female athlete willing to talk.

    Chinese Whispers
    GRUESOME MURDERS: His victims are young, beautiful and coldly mutilated. He calls himself the Beijing Ripper. Li Yan, head of Beijing's serious crime squad, must stop him.Just as pathologist Margaret Campbell finds an insight into the killer's sick signature.