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Ted Dewans Bing 7 Story Book Collection

SKU: B2D1683 ISBN: 9780007515424
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Titles in Set:

  • Yuk
  • Get Dressed
  • Bed Time
  • Paint Day
  • Something for Mummy
  • Something for Daddy
  • Make Music


Bing Bunny likes bananas, apples and kiwi. But he does NOT like tomatoes.

Get Dressed

It is not always easy for Bing Bunny to put his clothes on - even with Flop to help out. But don't worry, Bing. It's no big thing!

Bed Times

It's time for Bing Bunny to brush his teeth, have a bath and cuddle up with Flop. But, oh no, where is Flop?

Paint Day

Bing Bunny loves painting colours. And today is paint day. But don't spill the water, Bing!

Something for Mummy

Bing Bunny is doing something nice for his mummy. But what world mummy like most?

Something for Daddy

Bing Bunny is making a shiny feathery sparkly present especially for his daddy. Sticking things is fun but it can get very gooey! But don't worry, Bing. It's no big thing!

Making Music

Bing Bunny and Flop love to make music. Keys go jingle jingle... Bing goes.... BINGO! BONGO! BANG!

A fantastic 7 book collection from Ted Dewan's delightful bunny, Bing. Join Bing and share in the ups and downs of his everyday life with his best friend Flop. This series inspired the much loved CBeebies TV show and is perfect for children aged 0-5, with easy to read words and colourful illustrations. In this set Bing tries a yucky tomato, gets ready for bed, and enjoys his favourite activity in paint day and much more.