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Start Reading 52 Books Collection Box Set Level 1 to 9 - Ages 5-7 - Paperback - Wayland

by Wayland
SKU: B2D0134 ISBN: 9781526302809
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This collection published by Wayland is just the perfect collection, ideal for ages 5-7 and perfect for both in school and at home studying, containing a massive collection of 52 books kids will have plenty of reading material to work on before learning every essential skill from these useful books. This set is just the right item to help the beginning of your kids reading journey, the set will prove an essential part of the reading development

This set is fantastic because it is divided into different bands, this will make it that much easier for parents and kids to work through these fun books together, you can be completely confident that each band will progress your kids learning development and you can completely master all books from each band before moving on to the next level. The books covers topics that all kids will find pleasure from reading, superheroes, new and exciting landscapes and curious landmarks like castles and architecture and animals with its various quirks and backstory which can all teach kids important lessons. Some of the books that are included within this wonderful set includes Detective Dog: The Stolen Egg, this story talks about how a Goose had lost her egg, it can be found nowhere… The special skills of Detective Dog are put to the test, he investigates and looks everywhere for the egg in the farmyard but no luck so far. The Detective Dog is a 4 book series that can be found in the green band 5. In Down in the Jungle: Flora’s Big Noise, Flora wants to play hide and seek however she is an Elephant and she is just way too big and noisy! But Flora’s big noise actually saves the day, find out what happens in the cute story.

In Down in the Jungle: Lulu’s Song, dive deep into the world of the Jungle with thousands of different types of animals all playing their own unique individual instruments that contribute to the sound of nature, a perfect band but Lulu the parrot cannot find anything to play. However, Lulu discovers the talent that she has, an instrument that comes naturally from within, her beautiful voice. From then on, Lulu plays her instrument, her voice, she sings everyday. In Down in the Jungle: Monty’s Surprise, Monty doesn’t know what to eat, he is a hungry fellow and he is on a hunt for some tasty food in the deep deep jungle. Monty seeks for some new delicious breakfast and even asks for his friends to help him on his search, what will Monty eat for breakfast? Moving to Level 9, The Poor Pirates: Pirate Underpants, Captain Flint is very furious, the poor pirates just cannot capture any new ships, the pig is stuck and is too slow, what will be their next action? In reading Level 9, your child is able to independently read majority of words by themselves without guidance and they can comprehend challenging sentence structures and stories. By silently and out loud, they can read words with no trouble, other areas of the books will provide aid for kids to finish their favourite books, including headings, photos, sub headings, information included in the index. Be sure to guide them along when helping them develop from Band 1 before they’re able to confidently finish a book independently. 

Level 1

Fun at the Beach: Splash, Fun at the Beach: Go Go Go, Fun at the Beach: Dads Net, Fun at the Beach: Sand

Level 2

Lets go On Holiday: Off We Go, Lets go On Holiday: Not like That, Lets go On Holiday: No More Singing, Lets go On Holiday: Come on Dad

Level 3

Pips Pets: Bad Dig Digby, Pips Pets: Cat Nap, Pips Pets: A New Pet, Pips Pets: Where is Sid

Level 4

Me and My Family: Me and My Cousin, Me and My Family: Me and My Dad, Me and My Family: Me and My Mum, Me and My Family: Me and My Nan, Carlos Circus: Bippo and Boppo, Carlos Circus: Joey the Juggler, Carlos Circus: Lola Fanola, Carlos Circus: Princess Rani

Level 5

Awful Archie at the Museum, Awful Archie and the Babysitter, Awful Archie & Frisbee, Awful Archie & Terrible Trevor, Detective Dog: The Lost Kittens, Detective Dog: The Stolen Egg, Detective Dog: Footprints in Snow, Detective Dog: Treasure Trail

Level 6

Down in the Jungle: Floras Big Noise, Down in the Jungle: Lulus Song, Down in the Jungle: Montys Surprise, Down in the Jungle: Spots in a Bad Mood, Sea Force Four: The Ghost Fish, Sea Force Four: Big White Box, Sea Force Four: Wheelie Thing, Sea Force Four: Steel Whale

Level 7

Superfrog: Crocodile, Superfrog: The Dragonfly Kite, Superfrog: The Flying Elephant, Superfrog: The Groaning Ghost, Creepy Castle: The Perfect Pet, Creepy Castle: Naggy Aunt Aggie, Creepy Castle: The Ghost Train, Creepy Castle: The Unwanted Visitor

Level 8

Fairytale Jumbles: Goldilocks & the Wolf, Fairytale Jumbles: Snow White & Enormous Turnip, Fairytale Jumbles: Cinderella & the Beanstalk, Fairytale Jumbles: Rapunzel & Billy Goats Gruff

Level 9

The Poor Pirates: Pirate Underpants, The Poor Pirates: Bangers and Cash, The Poor Pirates: The Pirate Code, The Poor Pirates: Fishfingers and Leaks

Each book is graded to match book bands widely used in school

Clear progression from beginner readers to fluent readers

Guided reading notes to help children at the earliest reading levels

More titles at the levels children need the most reading practice

Book bands are guided reading levels to help measure reading ability

This collection contains 52 books that will help children on their way to becoming confident readers. Each book has been book banded (the system used in primary schools) and is suitable for children aged between 4 and 7.

The books will help children gain confidence and enjoy reading for pleasure. From castle mysteries to superhero exploits, the stories are illustrated and progress gradually as children become more fluent in reading.

Compiled in consultation with a literacy expert, these books will help children at the earliest reading levels.