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Secret Kingdom My Magical Adventure Collection 26 Books Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback - Rosie Banks

SKU: B2D2520 ISBN: 9781408361115
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A magical series, ideal for readers ages 5-7 who love fairies, magic and love a story about a wonderful friendship. 

The Secret Kingdom was created by Rosie Banks, Rosie Banks grew up in a small village, as she was growing up she fantasised about magical fairies and creatures in mysterious lands and it became her point of reference as she got older and began her author career. Rosie grew up with her cherished friends, this kind of relationship provided her an inspiration to work on the Secret Kingdom series. Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are best friends and they have been accompanying each other for as long as they can remember. One day, they stumbled upon a strange box which opened up and transported them away to a fantastic magical world. They discover the weird new world and find themselves at the royal courts of an Enchanted Palace. 

The books are a wonderfully put together series with beautiful illustrations that are pretty to look at and really enhances the story and the magical world. The wicked Queen Malice is causing chaos and it is up to Ellie, Summer and Jasmine and Trixi the pixie to help save the kingdom. This big series is great for those that love the power of friendship and sisterhood, through the power of their bond, courage, bravery and daring choices, they are able to stop the army of hungry caterpillars and the terrifying storm of sprites! 

Secret Kingdom Series 1:

  • Book -1: Enchanted Palace
  • Book-2: Unicorn Valley
  • Book-3: Cloud Island
  • Book-4: Mermaid Reef
  • Book -5: Magic Mountain
  • Book-6: Glitter Beach

Secret Kingdom Series 2:

  • Book-7: Bubble Volcano
  • Book-8: Sugarsweet Bakery
  • Book -9: Dream Dale
  • Book-10: Lily Pad Lake
  • Book-11: Fairytale Forest
  • Book-12: Midnight Maze

Secret Kingdom Series 3:

  • Book -13: Wildflower Wood
  • Book-14: Swan Palace
  • Book-15: Snow Bear Sanctuary
  • Book-16: Phoenix Festival
  • Book -17: Fancy Dress Party
  • Book-18: Jewel Cavern

Secret Kingdom Series 4:

  • Book-19: Puppy Fun
  • Book-20: Magic Seal
  • Book -21: Glitter Bird
  • Book-22: Rainbow Lion

Secret Kingdom Series 5:

  • Book-23: Emerald unicorn
  • Book-24: Sapphire Spell
  • Book-25: Diamond Wings
  • Book-26: Ruby Riddle

Enter a magical world full of friendship and fun! Join best friends Ellie, Jasmine and Summer as they discover the magical land of Secret Kingdom! Meet unicorns, mermaids, pixies and more as the three friends try to save Secret Kingdom from mean Queen Malice... The special collection contains all the adventures from series one to five.