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Scarlet and Ivy Collection 5 Books Set - Ages 9-14 - Paperback - Sophie Cleverly

SKU: B2D1655 ISBN: 9780007972975
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“This is one of the best books I have ever read. It was exciting, funny, warm and mysterious.” Lily, aged 9. 

“The whole book was brilliant… after the first paragraph it was as though Ivy was my best friend.” Ciara, aged 10.

“This book is full of excitement and adventure - a masterpiece!” Jennifer, aged 9.

“This is a page-turning mystery adventure with puzzles that keep you guessing.” Felicity, aged 11.

“A brilliant and exciting book.” Evie, aged 8. 

“The story shone with excitement, secrets and bonds of friendship… If I had to mark this book out of 10, I would give it 11!” Sidney, aged 11. 

Titles In Set:

  • The Lost Twin
  • The Whispers in the Walls
  • The Dance in the Dark
  • The Lights Under the Lake
  • The Curse in the Candlelight

Sophie Cleverly brings together the tales of twins Scarlet and Ivy and their creepy adventures in this 5 book set. Full of spine-tingling mystery, Rockwood School is home for Scarlet and Ivy who must uncover the mysteries that surround their school. With disappearances, evil teachers and school trips with frightening secrets, this set is perfect for fantasy lovers aged 9-14. 

The Lost Twin

A creepy boarding school. A sudden disappearance. A secret diary waiting to be found. This is the story of how I became my sister. 

When troublemaker Scarlet goes missing from Rockwood School her twin sister, Ivy, is invited to ‘take her place’ - in more ways than one. It’s not long before Ivy discovers that secrets are rife and the truth has been concealed.

Ivy is determined to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance, even if that means going up against the terrifying Miss Fox. Even if that means pretending to be Scarlet for as long as it takes. 

The Whispers in the Walls

The wind is howling. The rain is freezing. But that’s not the reason why pupils at Rookwood School are feeling the chill. 

After a spate of thefts, the finger of suspicion is pointed firmly at Scarlet. Can the girls uncover the truth and clear Scarlet’s name? 

Soon dark mysteries are coming to light - it looks like Headmaster Bartholomew has a long-buried secret that he’ll stop at nothing to keep hidden. Scarlet and Ivy are in danger again…

The Dance in the Dark

Nasty notes. Frightening dreams. Rumours running wild. The girls of Rockwood School are in danger once more…

With evil headmaster, Mr Barthelomew, safely out of the picture, life is looking up for Scarlet and Ivy. 

But when their favourite teacher suddenly leaves, strange Madame Zelda takes her place. Then poison-pen letters begin to circulate and “accidents” plague the school. Is someone out for the ultimate revenge? 

The Lights Under the Lake

Locals say that at night the troubled souls buried in the ancient flooded graveyard no longer rest in peace…

Twins Scarlet and Ivy Grey can’t wait to sign up for the school trip and get away from lessons for a few days. But nothing is as it seems; the creepy lakeside hotel and the deep waters of Lake Seren hide dark secrets. Precious things disappear from their rooms, a malicious force leaves a trail of destruction and mysteries start to surface. If they ever hope to leave this place, the girls from Rookwood School must face the danger head on…

Sophie Cleverly was born in Bath in 1989. She wrote her first story at the age of four, though it used no punctuation and was essentially one long sentence. Thankfully, things have improved somewhat since then, and she has earned a BA in Creative Writing and MA in Writing for Young People from bath Spa University. Now working as a full-time writer,  Sophie lives with her partner in Wiltshire, where she has a house full of books and a garden full of crows. 

Acknowledgements from the author: 

My wonderful editors, Lizzie Clifford and Lauren Buckland, and the team at HarperCollins for their hard work towards putting this book into your hands. My equally wonderful and brave agent Jenny Savill for taking a chance on me and my writing, and all at the Andrew Nurnberg Associates. The lovely creative writing students and teachers at Bath Spa University, particularly those on the MA Writing for Young People led by Julia Green - you made this possible, and you were excellent beta readers! A special mention to Janine Amos, whose lesson brought Scarlet and Ivy to life.

There are others who have helped this book on its journey in some way or another, providing love and support, or just being there to prevent writing-related meltdowns. To name but a few: my family and family-in-law, Ed, the Bousfields, Charlie, Dominic, Erin, Sarah, and all the local gang. Thanks also to those who follow me in cyberspace, and the gang at r/YA Writers who are always on hand with useful advice. And for providing limitless inspiration, I am forever indebted to Terry, Neil and Tuomas. 

Finally, thank you for reading. Rookwood School will be keeping its doors open...